What kind of neighbors do you like

Do you love your neighbor?

Duration:10 mins
Age:no matter
Group size:Interesting from 10 people

Game description

The group sits in a circle of chairs. One person doesn't have a chair and instead sits on someone's lap. This person asks the person on whose lap they are sitting: "Do you love your neighbor?" If the answer is yes, everyone moves one chair. If the answer is no, the following question is asked: "Who do you love then?" For example, the answer is: "Everyone with a blue T-shirt". Now everyone with blue T-shirts has to switch places. Who does not get a place when changing places has to go to the middle.


No value. The aim is to sit on someone's lap as little as possible.

In this circle game, the fun factor is in the foreground. In addition, participants learn to react quickly to a particular statement. Because if one of the participants is too slow, he has the thankless place in the middle and has to try to win a chair again, which is sometimes not as easy as it sounds.

In addition, the participants also have the opportunity to get to know each other better in this game. Because at some point in the course of the game, questions will probably be asked in which the participants have to reveal one or the other about themselves.

Although this game only becomes really interesting when there are ten or more participants, the game master should still make sure that the number of participants does not become too large. Because in this case it is difficult to keep track and the hoped-for educational effect does not materialize. If there are too many participants, it is simply and simply completely impossible to be able to remember what one or the other answered. In this case, the focus is primarily on having fun with the game and not on the educational effect.

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