Why do people have different eye colors

Why do people have different eye colors?

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The eye color is a typical characteristic of every person. Some have brown eyes, others gray, blue, or green. Responsible for this is the pigment melanin, which also determines the tint of skin and hair. A lot of melanin ensures brown eyes. A lower proportion of pigment makes the eyes appear green, blue or gray. The less melanin there is, the bluer the eyes.

In the womb, the iris is still light blue; a child does not have its final eye color until around two years of age.
Dark-skinned babies are usually born with brown eyes.

The colored part of the eye is called the iris or iris.
The iris controls the incidence of light in the eye: If it is very bright, it contracts, in the dark the opening becomes larger.

How a particular eye color comes about depends on the genes inherited from mother and father.


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