What are the traditions of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico - historical charm and tropical flair

Fantastic sandy beaches, dense rainforests, remote mountain regions and one of the largest underwater caves in the world. Just as impressive are the historical and cultural attractions that testify to the changing colonial rule. But Puerto Rico has also made a name for itself as the party capital of the Caribbean.

Geography - experience San Juan, Ponce and Arecibo

The Free State Puerto Rico (Eng. "Reicher Hafen") is a group of islands in the Caribbeanthat as an outside area to the United States belongs. It covers an area of ​​9,104 km² and consists of the main island Puerto Rico and numerous secondary islands. These include the smaller islands, for example Vieques, Culebra, Culebrita, Palomino, Mona and Monito. Puerto Rico has just over 3.5 million residents, more than half of whom are in the Capital San Juan and live its catchment area. Other significant localities are Ponce, Carolina, Fajardo, Arecibo and Aguadilla. The climate is tropical-warm with average temperatures of around 28 ° C. While the north and the highlands are very rainy, the south is quite dry.

Nature - varied landscapes

More than half is Puerto Rico mountainous, with elevations up to 1,338 meters. The highest mountain is the Cerro La Punta. Large parts of the islands are also with Rainforests covered, but also small Desert areas can be found here, especially in the arid south. There are several rivers, the 97 kilometers of which are long Rio de la Plata is the longest. The fauna is rich in endemic species, but the bats are the only native mammals still alive on the islands. All other mammal species were introduced by humans. The sea surrounding the islands is very deep and provides a suitable habitat for Manatees, Dolphins, Whales and Turtles. The latter can be especially seen around the island Culebra observe.

Natural sights - tropical rainforests, glowing bays and beautiful sandy beaches

Puerto Rico is rich in natural attractions, including most of all these beautiful sandy beaches count that can be found along the coastal areas. The 30 acre San Juan Botanical Garden in the Rio Piedras district is particularly popular with orchid lovers. The rainforest area El Yunque in the Sierra Luquillo is a 113 km² national park, which in particular with its magical Waterfalls and the dense tropical vegetation. There is also a bird sanctuary that is home to numerous colorful parrots and the small species of tree frog El Coqui. The "glowing" bays in the are a real highlight Mosquito Bay on Vieques. You can have one here every night permanent bioluminescence watch a course fluorinated marine glowwhich cannot be compared with any other place in the world. It is just as spectacular Rio Camuy Cave Park near Arecibo, with the world's third largest underground river system. There are big ones on Mona Island Iguanas, countless species of birds and gigantic trees that simply take your breath away.

Culture - changing influences shape music, architecture and traditions

Puerto Rico looks back on a long and exciting history back. Today's Culture is the result of the long and changing colonial rule. In 1898 the United States occupied Puerto Rico in American-Spanish War and have claimed the islands for themselves ever since. The Spanish originated the language, the Catholic faith and the abundance of cultural and moral values ​​and traditions. The Americans still added the English language to theirs University system as well as some holidays and customs. An important part of Puerto Rico's culture is that musicwhich in earlier times drew influences from Spanish and African traditions. Caribbean influences were added later. The varied history of Puerto Rico is also reflected in the architecture against, in the city and in the country as well as in the art.

Cultural sights - contemporary witnesses of colonial rule

Boredom is a word that certainly doesn't come to mind in Puerto Rico. The abundance of it is too great cultural sights. In Ponce, for example, they are impressive Old sugar mill with the Rum Museum, the art museum and the Indian Ceremonial Park and the Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center. In Guayama, travelers are drawn to it Museo Casa Cautiño or the arts and crafts center. The second largest radio telescope in the world can be admired again in Arecibo. Of course, the capital San Juan has the most to offer. The highlights include the fountain in the boulevard Paseo de la Princesa, the Museum of Art and History, the Museum of Ethnology, the Colonial Architecture Museumwho have favourited San Juan Cathedral, the Spanish El Morro fortress as well as that San Cristobal Castle. They shouldn't be missing either Fort La Fortaleza and the old town, both on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites stand. Puerto Rico is home to the world famous Bacardi rums, so travelers should not visit the Casa Bacardi to be missed, where you can get a lot of interesting information about rum production and take part in a tasting.

Experience - the party capital of the Caribbean

Puerto Rico is a mix of old and new. On the one hand you can feel the historical influences from the colonial times that shaped this culture as well as numerous modern influences. An example of this is the Puerto Rican cuisine, because in addition to the delicious local specialties you will also find fast food restaurants here. However, travelers should definitely try the local cuisine. These include delicacies such as Asopao, a chicken or seafood stew, Mofongo, Plantain with garlic as well Sancocho, a beef stew with various root vegetables. Furthermore, Puerto Rico is excellent shop. There are large shopping centers, but the small souvenir shops are also very popular. The most popular souvenirs are especially rum, Cigars, Devil masks, Hammocks, Musical instruments, Wood carvings and Straw articles. A real highlight, however, is the lively and varied one nightlife Puerto Ricos, especially in San Juan. Not without reason is it called that Party capital of the Caribbean considered. Here travelers can choose between discos, music bars or concerts. Regardless of which location you choose, one thing is certain, the hot ones Salsa and merengue rhythms make everyone swing their hips.

Activities - bathing fun or pure adventure

Puerto Rico is a truly dream destination. On the one hand, they are convincing here spectacular diving groundswhich are particularly located around the islands of Culebra and Mona. Here divers can expect a varied and colorful underwater world with huge reef plateaus, caves and a shipwreck. The beautiful miles of sandy beaches invite to Swimming, to sunbathe and surfing a, but are also suitable to really relax, because there are many beaches deserted. At Rincón you can also Watch whales and dolphins. The remote mountain regions as well as the El Yunque National Park offer in turn excellent hiking opportunities. Travelers should not miss the opportunity to take the famous panoramic road by rental car "Routa Panoramica" to drive along. It leads through idyllic little mountain villages and breathtaking bamboo tunnels. Furthermore, you can go to one of the attractive Golf courses pursue your passion or yourself in one of the casinos Gambling turn to. A real specialty is the number of Campsitesbecause there are more of them in Puerto Rico than on all the Caribbean islands combined.


Travelers arrive via the International Airport in San Juan on the island. Most flights come from the same direction North America, however there are also direct flights from Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Dresden, Hamburg, Bremen, Dusseldorf and Friedrichshafen with the airline Condor. The airport is located about 13 kilometers outside the city center. From there, travelers have various options for onward travel, for example with the taxi (there is a small surcharge per piece of luggage) with which Rental car or with the bus (towards Rio Piedras). The latter is the cheapest option to get from the airport to your final destination. However, travelers who buy a rental car are more flexible during their stay on the island. You still need one for entry Passport valid for 6 months as well as a Green card or a visa.

Puerto Rico has something to offer everyone. Come here Nature lover, Party goers, Bathing and active vacationers as Culture and history enthusiasts completely at their expense. The breathtaking nature and the interesting history of the island state attract travelers as well as that exciting night life.