What salary should I expect in Brussels?

How much does a MEP earn? Ten facts about the European elections and the European Parliament

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  1. You have forgotten all the funds that parliamentarians receive for staff, offices and other things. In addition, the parliamentary groups put a lot of advertising budget on top.

    • @Budget: These expenses are included in the all-in fee. The flat-rate fee is not a wage, but in the case of Pascal Arimont, for example, serves to pay the rent for the Europahaus. The balance, if there is a balance, is transferred back at the end of the mandate. greeting

  2. At least a start in terms of the income of our politicians!
    It would now finally be time to do the same for all politicians in our country!
    From the MP of the federal government to the same in the regions!
    From the Federal Minister to the DG Minister in Eupen.
    From the member of the Chamber to the same in the regional parliament?
    From the Senator of the Senate to Mr Lambertz, Chairman of the ADR of the E U in Eupen.
    And last but not least our so numerous provincial people, also from the top to the lowest active!
    What is urgently needed are their pension entitlements, as well as all the various other credit ratings, bonuses, tax benefits, etc., etc., "in lower case" !?

    • If you are really interested, just become a member of Cumuleo (cumuleo.be). Costs from 10 € / year and there, among other things, all political mandate holders are listed (including their other mandates and functions). So quite transparent even in Belgium. So you see that a lay judge in Eupen receives around 36,000 € / year and a federal representative like Ms. Jadin around 112,000 € / year plus travel allowance ...

  3. There are still a lot of hidden references missing. What is not insignificant is the 16x 320 € attendance fee (there is no attendance fee on Fridays) which adds up to 5,120 € per month. € 0.51 mileage allowance, +/- € 1100 pension for 5 years EP. For Mr. Grosch, for example: (20 years € 4,400 + € 2,000 for the mayor's office) an impressive pension of over € 6,400.

  4. In Ostbelgien the EP represents just 30% of 70,000 inhabitants (21,000 inhabitants not voters)

  5. MEPs are overpaid. Such salaries and even more later pensions are simply no longer given to small employees and workers. The pension entitlements are also not to be despised, especially the retirement age. I thank Ostbelgiendirekt reminding the voters of these salaries. Hopefully he will do the same for the salaries of a chamber or regional representative. Mr. CREMER inform you further because that distinguishes you from the government media BRF and Grenz Echo who do not dare to make these truths of salaries known to the citizens.
    Fraui NIESSEN's outrageous farewell bonuses were made public at the time. Mr. STOFFELS our question master has managed to keep his upcoming farewell bonus a secret. Whether he will succeed in this by the elections depends on the media?

    • That's exactly how it must and should be, @ It's enough! It is really enough! Firstly: after all, we have to pay for all the effort!
      And secondly: we have tons of actors walking around!
      There must finally be some clarification!
      If not from the recipients, then from the media!
      The payer cannot understand that the recipients are reluctant to do so.
      But he makes his hump crooked for it.
      Even for the "under the table", see Publifin, and all the countless stumbles around ....
      Everything should be exposed to daylight, everything!
      In terms of a fair and clear policy, as the oath of these people commands!
      And if the "question master" does not want it himself, then others should do it in his place!
      It's the same money.
      No more secrecy.
      The citizen wants to see the facts.

  6. If this gang had to earn such sums of money with honest work and both hands, they would never retire!

    • There must be official information regarding basic salaries, expenses, lump sums, etc. No matter how the child is baptized: what TOTAL SUM flows from Strasbourg (or from wherever) to East Belgium (and to whom there)? Are there any donations that are used to finance the CSP election campaign? If the PDG election is partially funded, it is illegal. The difference between the euro mandate and a self-service shop is simply the fact that you know the price in the self-service shop ......

      • Dear @ Hop Sing!
        A good question, but you should ask the same questions directly to all parties and politicians. Or do you think that one would be better than the other !? Unfortunately a false hope !?
        Just look at the EU Commissioner for the Regions, an MP who doesn't take the truth very seriously, others who collect meeting fees, and so much more.
        Everyone bypasses the self-service. In the end for the big farewell bonus and the fat pensions.
        Therefore, OD should bring everything to light. Among other things, to educate the elderly who do not have a PC, so no cumuleo.

  7. @ It's enough, let's assume that Mr. Stoffels receives well over € 100,000 farewell bonus as a parliamentarian.

  8. I don't think these references are exaggerated, on the contrary. Far more is earned in the private sector, and not always with more work. Many parliamentarians have a university degree and could easily find work in the private sector.
    The little man is exploited.
    The state salaries are at the top significantly lower than in the private sector, the reverse is true for the small civil servants, they earn more than in the private sector.
    So the scissors aren't that far apart.

  9. OD shouldn't forget to mention that Mr. Arimont gets € 24,000 a month for employees. That he refuses to use this sum for a bipartisan Ostbelgien-Europa-Haus, but only feeds his CSP friends and leads a sinfully expensive election campaign just for himself and his EVP, THAT is the scandal! That he earns twice as much as the DG MP (with less than half the time required). This is granted to him, but also explains why he does not seek the MP job here in Ostbelgien and sends a straw man for it and pushes from third place, although everyone knows that he would never give up his EU mandate because of a ministerial post in Ostbelgien. It's amazing how the C-Troop are kidding the voters here. And funny that the clean guys from Vivant support it!

    • @Employee: I've read your comments times. Your name says it all and you certainly work in the government district. Or work to him. I am annoyed by your comment, as it is solely aimed at piquing Mr Arimont. Not his work, but him as a person. I myself went to Parliament in Brussels with a school class and had someone explain to me what he was doing there. I also used various sources to find out what a MEP deserves. He himself writes this very transparently on his website. As a school class, we read through everything and compared it with the official sources. Everything is correct what it says there. It annoys me now that you write that he receives money for employees and does not share this money with other parties or earn twice as much as the hoarse ministers. Of course, he receives money for employees. How else is he supposed to work properly? But to put it the other way round: do the ministers provide the opposition parties with positions in their cabinets? Of course not. The answer about the wages also annoys me. According to his statements, he has a wage that is almost identical to that of a local minister. Regardless of how many people Mr Arimont is legislating for (500 million people versus 75,000), just add the reimbursements to your wages. According to his statements, he drives to Brussels for four days, often at 5 in the morning, with his own car and without a chauffeur like the ministers. he has an office for which he pays rent. these costs will be reimbursed. I think that's normal too. The DG ministers all have a lot of offices or buildings, they all have a “company car” with a chauffeur and don't have to pay any cents for it. You don't mention that. So you are only concerned with creating the mood. Believe me, many of my generation are very satisfied with what Mr Arimont is doing. He is one of the few who has his own opinion and always argues it objectively. Your propaganda against his person is exactly the opposite. We young people don't like that, believe me.

      • @ First elector: First of all written very nicely. Unfortunately, it reminds me very much of election propaganda for "the sweet Pascal with the sexy 3-day beard" or something similar.
        @ Oh God: please take over please. You seem to know your way around such beards :-)

      • Yes, I was also invited to one of the many school classes, companies, rural women’s groups, bowling clubs and I also went with them. It was bearable and didn't cost me anything - neither stay nor food. I also heard from Mr Arimont what he was doing there. But I have also spoken to other EPs that represent almost 400,000 people (not 70,000 people, like Mr Arimont SHOULD, but only 10,000 voters out of the 70,000 he would have to represent). They really need the money to do their job. Unfortunately, Arimont has converted the Europahaus into the CSP-Ostbelgien-Haus, which he is constantly pumping full of money that other EP must have in order to get to their widely spread constituencies. It's a shame that an immense amount of money (I emphasize: 24,000 euros per month! - only for employees and mind you: ADDITIONAL to the 15,000 for salaries, lump sums, accommodation, etc., which Arimont gets like every other EP) wasted on a single, high-handed local party become. Funds that benefit an entire constituency elsewhere have been wasted here since 2014 solely on local pertropaganda purposes for a single local party. What useful things could be done with this money every month! And then Arimont is still third on the CSP list for the PDG, although everyone knows that he would NEVER give up his European mandate for the PDG! I can even understand that, in Brussels / Strasbourg he earns around twenty times as much for the same work as in the PDG - plus the employee bonuses mentioned above. And he is at home in the evening, which is not the case in the PDG.

        • You are right about a lot, school class!
          Pascal slipped in there, it was his predecessors who invented the job!
          One of many UNNECESSARY;
          What do we little people here in East Belgium need, four ministers !?
          For the population, one would do it perfectly.
          That was the beginning of all the nonsense. The inventors alone bask in it like maggots in bacon. What is it costing us, battered taxpayers?
          It is cruel!
          And speakers are still being sought without end, not a week goes by without personnel being sought !?
          But our MP says: we don't have more staff than the government did 30 years ago !?
          Another lie!
          The whole circus should finally be stopped! The greedy mouths are enough.
          We have about ten top earners to reward. Plus the whole appendix, of course.
          In Eupen, with the EU, with the Chamber, with the Senate and with the province !?
          Far too many for us 75,000 people here.
          How should we put an end to the ostentation?
          By simply not voting.
          And school class, your criticism does not go far enough!
          You forget the "top man", the Lambertz! Who is touring Europe all the time, even though he has not received an order from the voter !? That is much worse than that of the Arimont.
          As written: we have way too many of the maggots in the bacon. Something has to happen to relieve the citizen. It is high time to do that.

          • @A teacher
            Oh, "Taxpayer Michel", everyone here knows that you are not a teacher and that you have a Lambertz complex. You give it to the public often enough!
            Put on a new record, or do you only have one?

          • It would be transparent if Arimont, like the DG government, would put every single issue online. What does he do with the 24,000 euros that he receives every month for employees? Who is employed there, what do they do from morning to night?
            Why doesn't Pascal want to share these 24,000 with all East Belgians? Why is he doing nothing but a fake Newas election campaign for a survived conservative party with these 24,000?

        • School class that a politician elsewhere seeks his helpers in parties other than his, I don't think so. In France, in the presidential election, a politician stumbled over hiring a wife and children who did not provide all of the billed services. I believe it was a matter of trust.

      • First voter: they do not seem to me to be a first voter, in my opinion they are very dark black in color. I see inviting school classes to Brussels in the EU Parliament as a vote for those who are undecided and this for 5 years. A first-time voter who has not yet decided who to vote for, remembers the EP from school. Ah yes I know him, then I'll just give him the vote. The seniors are also lured to Brussels to refresh the "C". Incidentally, there is a budget on the part of the EU. That is how I see the EP's work as a tourist guide. As far as transparency is concerned, I agree with you that everything that is on the website is correct. But the big question: is EVERYTHING there ??? Laws for 500 million people. Didn't you smile yourself when you wrote this sentence? Take a look at the photos on pages 9 and 10 of his latest brochure. The seats are almost all empty while he delivers his speech. That's right, he drives his private car to Brx 4 times a week without a chauffeur. But is also sufficiently remunerated (0.51 € / km). Compared to the ministers of the DG, who have a chauffeur, they work while driving. In the case of the EP, the employee works while the expensive EP takes on the role of the chauffeur. I believe that he drives to Brx very early in the morning, on the other hand he also leaves there at 3:00 p.m. so as not to be stuck in a traffic jam. This is fine too. The list of inconsistencies could go on and on.

  10. Yesterday the CSP came to East Belgian households with fake news.
    Taxpayers pay the postage on a flyer that read:
    "Your voice for your Europe"

    You can see again that the real populists are at home in the EPP-CSP and are very good at fake news. Because it's about:
    Your vote for HIS Europe.
    It is about the benefice of the chairmen in the European Parliament.
    It's not about “your” Europe at all.

  11. In the age of the network there is no longer any need for print media ... people have to dispose of these unwanted and unnecessary printed matter themselves .... Numerous trees have to be felled for paper production ...

  12. Dear Pascal, don't let this clique drive you crazy. Anyone who is insulted by these scribblers of the majority here must have done really well. These clerks would never write something like that if you didn't pose a threat to them or theirs (the 4 5-chauffeur ministers, the senator who never goes, the president of parliament, etc.). her childish abuse is actually the best compliment one can give you. And don't forget: those who write here aren't the people who really value your work and who know exactly what you're doing. and that is a great deal and very good. therefore: everything done right!

  13. Arimont has provided correct information. He really doesn't have to record the wages of his employees as personal income and also does not have to share it with other parties. Or do our ministers see the wages of your employees as personal income or do they share these employees with other parliamentary groups in the PDG?


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