Manchester United is in crisis

Manchester United in crisis: David de Gea accounts

David de Gea is furious, ex-player Gary Neville stunned - only coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is talking about the crisis at Manchester United. After the 1-0 defeat at Newcastle, not much is left of the once glorious “Red Devils”.

The defeat was already the third this season. In the table, ManUnited is only in twelfth place (9 points). The air is getting thinner for Solskjaer. "We are disappointed. We were missing a few key players, but that's no excuse. The players worked hard and ran a lot, but right now we're in a position we're not used to. Some of the guys have lost their composure a little and we don't create enough chances to win a football game. "

The words sound like a slip-up, but Solskjaer's record since he started in December is not that of a top coach. In a total of 40 competitive games, the Norwegian had 20 wins, eight draws and twelve defeats - making a point average of 1.70. For comparison: Jürgen Klopp has an average of 2.00 in many more games and Pep Guardiola even has 2.37 points.

Goalkeeper David de Gea clearly addressed the problems after the 0: 1 in contrast to his coach. “We didn't create a single real chance. We defended well. But the team has to improve, "he said on" Sky Sports ". “A lot of things need to be improved. I don't know what to say. We have to keep trying, fighting and improving every day. It's a tough moment for us. [This is] the toughest time since I've been here. I don't know why what happened. I feel sorry for the fans. ”Not only this game, but the entire season so far is“ unacceptable ”.

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TV expert Neville made the club managers responsible for “Sky Sports”. “You've been messing up for many years. You are responsible for it. Bad commitments, poor selection of good managers to hire and then chase them away. Van Gaal won the FA Cup and was sacked. Jose Mourinho was fired after two and a half years, despite having given him a new contract six months earlier. Both have completely different styles. "

Neville continues: “You have now decided on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who has taken the club in a completely different direction. If you change direction as a board member every two years and invest £ 250 million each time, you will run into big problems. "

Former England international Alan Shearer also sees difficult times for ManUnited and Solskjaer. “It's the worst ManUnited team I've seen in many years.” It doesn't get any easier, because after the international break, Liverpool are waiting ...