Should I do an MBA abroad?

MBA abroad

Strengthen your international profile with an MBA abroad

Would you like to gain further qualifications with an MBA degree? Would you like to gain intercultural competence and improve your foreign language skills? Then combine these goals with an MBA abroad.

Many universities and business schools abroad offer part-time MBA courses that only include short periods of attendance. This allows you to complete your studies with several, short-term trips without having to move abroad. Depending on your personal interests, you can also combine the MBA course with a longer-term stay abroad and thus gain deeper insights into the respective national culture.

Learning or improving foreign languages ​​is another plus point of the MBA abroad. Here, English dominates as the international language of instruction. Of course, there are also MBA courses in Germany that are offered in English. Nevertheless, with an English-language MBA abroad, you have a higher chance of actually using English as the language of communication in conversations with fellow students and thus consolidating your knowledge. In addition, MBA courses in the respective national language are very worthwhile in order to expand one's own foreign language skills.

Career with an international MBA degree

The MBA title is internationally recognized, so that you will definitely increase your professional qualifications with the MBA course. In addition, the further training abroad enables you to get to know other cultures and to make personal and professional contacts with foreign colleagues. In this way, you can take on new international fields of activity in your current career or move your entire professional career abroad.

Due to the long tradition of the MBA in English-speaking countries and the good reputation of the business schools located there, the USA, Great Britain and Australia are among the most popular destinations for international students. But mainland Europe and Asia have also developed into attractive study locations.

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