Blondes wear silver or gold

Which jewelry color suits you?

Spring, summer, autumn or winter type? Which colors suit us particularly well depends on our type. This not only applies to clothing, but also to jewelry. Of course, the same applies as always: Anything you like is allowed, but there are precious metals, gemstones and the like that particularly flatter our complexion. We'll tell you which jewelry color suits you.

Silver, white gold, yellow gold or rose - every woman has her own personal taste in jewelry and most of the time we intuitively favor the jewelry that suits us best.

This spot color suits you

The Spring type is a warm color type. The hair colors range from honey and dark blond to red blond and copper red to brown tones with gold or red shimmer. The eyes are usually yellow-green, turquoise, amber or dark brown. The complexion is often fair, but with a warm undertone. The right jewelry for the spring type therefore includes warm colors. Gold, rose gold, copper and brass, e.g. as hoop earrings, flatter the complexion. Gemstones and Co. in bright colors like orange, turquoise or green, but also warm tones like coral, jade and amber are perfect.

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The Summer type is rather cool. The hair colors range from silver and platinum blonde to ash blonde to ash brown. Typical eye colors include blue, blue-green, gray, and gray-blue. The complexion is light and either looks rosy or has a bluish tinge. That is why cool precious metals such as silver, white gold or platinum are perfect for the summer type. Gemstones and Co. in delicate, light shades of color, such as light blue or light pink, flatter the complexion as well as cool, dark tones such as red, purple or anthracite. Pearls are also perfect for the cool summer type

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The Autumn type is a warm guy. The hair has a golden or reddish shimmer and can range from honey or dark blonde to light brown to chestnut, chocolate brown and dark brown. The eyes can be green, green-brown, amber, or dark brown. The complexion has a warm, golden or yellowish undertone and is often tanned. Yellow gold, rose gold, copper or brass flatter the autumn type. But natural materials such as wood or leather also fit perfectly. Gemstones should have warm and muted colors.

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TheWinter type is a cool color type. The hair is usually dark and ranges from chestnut brown to dark brown to black, blue-black or black-gray. The eyes also usually have a dark and intense color such as hazelnut or chocolate brown, green blue or a deep blue. The complexion can either be very light (Snow White type) with a cool undertone or dark - then it has an olive undertone. That is why cool precious metals such as silver, white gold or platinum flatter winter types. Gemstones in strong colors such as ruby ​​red, emerald green, turquoise blue or aquamarine underline the complexion ideally. The winter type can also use black pearls or stones.

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To be on the safe side, there is a simple trick that you can use to determine whether silver or gold flatters your complexion: Stand in front of a mirror and hold alternating silver and gold jewelry in front of your face. Does gold make you look brighter and fresher or does silver make you look?

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