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Chip maker TSMC invests $ 100 billion in manufacturing expansion

Taipei In view of the current shortage of semiconductors, the chip manufacturer TSMC plans to invest 100 billion US dollars in expanding its production and developing new technologies within three years. The corona pandemic has accelerated digitization and the fast 5G data transmission is also increasing demand, the company emphasized at the announcement on Friday.

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) had already announced investments of 28 billion dollars (currently around 24 billion euros) for this year alone in January.

TSMC is a leading contract manufacturer that produces chips for Apple, Qualcomm and AMD, among others. There are currently global semiconductor bottlenecks that have repeatedly led to production interruptions, for example in the automotive industry.

A trigger for this is considered to be inventory purchases by the Chinese Huawei group, which was thus arming itself against US sanctions. At the same time, however, the massive increase in demand for laptops also increased the need. In the future, the chip giant Intel, which operates its own production, also wants to act more strongly as a contract manufacturer and thus compete with companies such as TSMC and Samsung.

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