Can you hear vibrations

Read the time on the Apple Watch

  • Raise your arm: The time is shown on the watch face, on the clock in the grid view, and in the upper right corner of most apps.

  • Let the time announce: Open the "Settings" app on Apple Watch, tap Clock, then turn on Tap to Speak Time. Place two fingers on the watch face until you hear the time announcement.

    Apple Watch can also play different sounds on the hour. In the app, tap "Settings" on the Apple Watch on "clock" and activate the option "wind chimes". Tap Sounds and choose Bells or Birds.

  • Feel time by vibration: So that you can feel the time via vibrations on your wrist when the Apple Watch is muted, open the "Settings" app on the Apple Watch. Tap “Clock,” then “Taptic Time” and choose one of the available options. See Using Taptic Time for more information.

    Note: The "Taptic time" option is deactivated if the Apple Watch is set so that the time announcement is always spoken. So that you can use the "Taptic Time" option, first select "Settings" > "Clock" and "Time announcement". Then activate the option "Control with silent mode".

  • Ask Siri: Raise your arm and say "What time is it?"