What is your lifelong dream Why

5 ways to find your lifelong dream

Do you have a lifelong dream?

This blog article was first published on October 23, 2015 and was revised and refreshed on September 20, 2019.

A really big one? Yes! - Congratulation!
No? - Do you want to find your lifelong dream?

I have a. It is my dream that families can lead a relaxed and balanced life. Roughly and briefly this means: Away from stress and endless discussions - towards a relaxed and serene family life.
I am convinced that everyone can and should contribute to a relaxed family life. A relaxed and balanced family life forms the basis for the happiness of all family members. I have been following this dream with all my might since 2014.

I took paths that I couldn't even imagine at first. I coach families, I give lectures and I often lead workshops and seminars. I am also developing step by step online.

I also firmly believe that everyone should be for Happiness in life himself is responsible. This is good news because it means that you too can start working on yourself if you are not really satisfied and things are not going so well.

And that brings me to your dreams

Do you know your life dreams? Or do you just feel a vague, indefinable feeling that tells you there must be more? Something in you screams: “That can't be all!” Do you see your dreams and visions only blurred?

Even if you like your Lifelong dreams are not yet conscious, unconsciously you are looking for it or are already perceiving it. It is precisely this infinitely great wisdom of your consciousness that we will tap into today.

Balance helps you make your own needs perceive. Only in calm water can you see your reflection.

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On the trail of your lifelong dream

In a moment I will show you some exercises, how you too can get on the track of your life dreams. One exercise may appeal to you more than another. But still try them all.

5 ways to find your lifelong dream

1. What do you need right now?

Take a moment, breathe and leave the restlessness of everyday life behind you for a moment. She is waiting for you. Firmly promised. If you want them back afterwards, you just take them back with you :-)
Maybe this quiet moment will help you see what you want to change. Where your life dreams are hidden.
So: sit down for a moment, breathe in and out calmly, feel inside yourself. Feel the seat of the armchair, perceive the backrest against which you may be leaning. Hmmm …. Isn't that nice?
How are you feeling right now?
What do you need at the moment?
What do you want to achieve in the future? Where do you want to go in your life?
What else do you want to achieve?

If you like this exercise really want to do it in peace and quiet, then download this Audiodown. So you can get it listen and relax deeply. The enjoyment will be much bigger, because there is even more packed into the audio than in this short text.

Are you here again? - Very nice. Then you must have brought some ideas with you.

2. Make the collage of your dreams

Another great way to be aware of your dreams is through one collage.

Get a pack of magazines (the more photos the better), scissors, glue, a really large sheet of paper, and pens.

And now leaf through the magazines. Without thinking too much, cut out everything that appeals to you. When you're done, arrange these cut-out images on the large sheet of paper. The cutouts can easily overlap.
You can also put keywords or headings over the image areas. If you like, you can also add ribbons, shells or colorful wooden pieces to your collage.

If you think the picture is ready, let it sink in.

What can be seen on it? Where does your heart want to go

On one of these collages I once found a house on the beach and individual pictures of the desert.
I couldn't really do anything with it. From 2014 - 2015 my husband lived in a country with sand, sea and desert and I visited him there regularly. I felt very comfortable in this country. Also this year my husband will move to a Mediterranean country again and I can visit him there again and again.

3. Pay attention to your dreams

I'm really talking about the dreams in my sleep here. Often ours want us Unconscious to communicate something. If we are restless and busy during the day, we don't listen. That's why it sometimes chooses that Dreams as an aid. Unfortunately, they are not always easy to understand.

For example, I have been dreaming very intensely for the past few days. I compile documents, see myself doing sports and run for various offices.

In fact, I am very concerned with the topic of sport at the moment. I started doing sports and exercise on a really regular basis again. My unconscious helps me to stay tuned and also shows me pictures of what it can look like in a year. Professionally, I'm currently putting together a new course and that's how I can explain that to myself with the documents.

So that you can really work with your dreams, introduce Dream diary. Write down everything you remember about your dreams. Even if that's only a fraction, or maybe just the fact: "I dreamed tonight". You get your unconscious on board. You show him: “I'm trying to understand what you have to say to me. It is important to me!"

As a result, your dreams will gradually become clearer and you will also be able to remember them better. If it doesn't work right away, be patient.

It took me weeks the first time until I remembered one dream throughout. Today my dreams are usually very clear, or I just memorize the parts that are important. But I've also been paying attention to my dreams since I was 20 :-)

4. Allow yourself to daydream

That is something completely different now. I don't mean: "Build castles in the air!"

Instead, sit down in a quiet few minutes and leave yours Drifting thoughts. Watch them do itHow to watch the boats on a calm river. Or the moving pictures on a cinema screen. Observe them and perceive them. Where are (you) driving your thoughts?

Do you think about the laundry that you still have to do? - Let it go.
Still need to write a business letter? - He's also allowed to move on at the moment.
Still need a present because your son is invited to a birthday party? - Aha.

If you do this for a while, yours will be Thoughts slowly calmer the thoughts about the day's events become less and more so thoughts show up where it is you warm to the heart becomes, where you can suddenly breathe better because you more space in your chest has. Thoughts it bright to let you be.

When such thoughts arise, be very attentive. What kind of thoughts are these?
What dreams and goals are they associated with?

5. Listen to your heart

This point is very closely related to the last one.

There are situations, desires and thoughts that affect ours Let your heart leap and dance. Look carefully there!
Most of the time it feels easy, even if it involves a lot of effort.

One of my wishes, which cost me a lot of energy, was to live in a house.
I grew up in an apartment myself and later in a house. I always wanted to raise my children in a house. I accepted a lot for that. My husband is a typical apartment person and even today all the chores associated with the house get on his nerves. So I was solely responsible for many things.
Still, it always felt easy when my children could play in the garden. That was exactly the picture that I had in my heart.
Today I know that this wish is also closely linked to my need for freedom. I didn't want to live so close to neighbors.

That too can change. Today I can definitely imagine moving into an apartment ;-)

What makes your heart beat somersaults? What are you really excited about?

No matter which of these possibilities you use, they will help you to get on the track of your life dreams.
The next step is very clear. If you want to make your dreams come true, then you have to take action.

Just start

No matter how big your dreams are. This is my bonus tip to you.
Because everything depends on whether you get active and do something.

No matter how great you can imagine things. They won't happen on their own. You can only achieve it by doing your part.

In small steps. You don't have to achieve your goals in a day. For most of them this will not be possible at all.
Prepare for it and work towards it.

Do you want to go on a trip around the world? - Start planning, figure out how you can finance them.
You finally want a job and not just a job? - Take a look around, read advertisements, ask friends and acquaintances; and apply.
Do you want to start your own business? - Draw up your business plan, acquire the necessary qualifications and jump. The leap into independence almost always feels like jumping into deep water.

Very, very important in all your projects: Do not give up! The time will perhaps come when the first obstacles are in the way. See if you can climb over it. Be patient and get them out of the way.

Today I read a saying that I would like to end with:
I didn't come this far, to only come this far.
In plain English: I didn't get this far just to get this far.

When you've got as far as you thought you could get, go a little further! - Towards your dreams! Click to tweet

I am happy to help you tackle your dreams. Being a mother doesn't have to limit you!
Get in contact with me if you want support.

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