What job should a BBA graduate do

What to do after a Bachelor in Business Administration?

Frida2011  📅 02.02.2011 23:55:35
What to do after a Bachelor in Business Administration?
Hello students,

I am in the 2nd semester of Business Administration at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

Studies have been interesting so far and I don't regret my choice of studies in the slightest ... it has always been clear to me that I want to do "something with business"!

BUT I have no idea or I don't know what to work as? Tax advice, marketing, controlling, product management, consulting ... and much more. How should one decide? Should or can you commit yourself so early? That would certainly make a lot easier, I suppose ... at least it sounds easy to work towards a goal than to study haphazardly! Or??
Re: What to Do After Bachelor in Business Administration?
You probably have to commit yourself to your first job or if you want to do a specialized master’s degree. Otherwise, on the one hand, I would look at what I like about the content of the course (marketing vs. controlling vs. taxes vs. ...). On the other hand, I would look whether I am more of a charismatic narrator (marketing) or a gifted number tinkerer (controlling), in a very simplified way.

When looking for a job, it is probably easier for you if your CV points in a desired direction, i.e. specialization + internship in area X. But this is not mandatory.
Re: What to Do After Bachelor in Business Administration?
I have recently been a business administrator and have been successful in my job search.

If you are in the 2nd semester you still have some time to specialize. If you are interested in something do this focus. If you don't like it (which you should notice after a semester) change it. This is not a problem. I hope you can choose two areas of focus. If so, you should do controlling and a focus of your choice. Controlling is always good because it gives you good job prospects. Of course you have to like that. But you are studying business administration and you will also have to deal with numbers as a marketing or HR person. So choose a combination of the "hard" controlling and something you would like to do (finance is also in great demand).

You can only get what you like through internships. So don't just do the compulsory internship, but several internships.

When you have decided on an area of ​​interest, implement it consistently. It doesn't go down very well if you want to work in marketing but have done prkatika in personla and theses in controlling. I think a lot of thinking outside the box, but if you specialize in something (I mean the focus) and, best of all, in a certain (successful) industry, nothing can go wrong.
samara_1  📅 30.10.2011 20:40:17
Re: What to Do After Bachelor in Business Administration?
So now I have another question .. I am now in my final year of high school and had thought about studying business administration .. Please Notice: This is an automatically translated article!

can someone tell me more precisely how the course is structured, so what exactly do you do there and which professions can you take on?

LG and thanks for the answers
D.H.A.  📅 01.11.2011 15:49:42
Re: What to Do After Bachelor in Business Administration?
Is that supposed to be a joke ?! Business Administration = Business Administration! You can read about what you can do with it in hundreds of forum posts, on Wikipedia, on the pages of the employment agency, in career guides!

Nobody really has to write it all down here, do they?
Re: What to Do After Bachelor in Business Administration?
Business administration = business administration = business administration = teaching of the management of a company

Ie. it is about learning how to manage organizations (companies are only a part of it, but also authorities, administrations, non-profit etc.). So you deal with the structure, processes and relationships to the environment of an organization so that it can work efficiently.

As you can imagine, it is quite extensive and not that "pure". Therefore there are certain areas of business administration. E.g. tax law for accounting with the tax office, personnel for recruiting and releasing personnel, or controlling for planning and controlling the goals of an organization.

At the end of a degree in general and in business administration in particular, there is no specific occupation. You can do a lot of tasks. This is also the greatest difference between a degree and vocational training where you learn a certain profession.

As a business graduate, you can, for example, become a tax advisor with knowledge of tax law or work in a company in the tax department. With personnel knowledge you can recruit, fire and develop personnel in a company. You can specialize in certain things or, as a generalist, have an idea of ​​many of these things in order to link the areas (management).

Which focus you choose in a business administration degree depends on your goals and experience. You only decide that during your studies and after internships in relevant areas.

When it comes to business administration, the first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you enjoy dealing with economic issues and working with numbers. Mathematics is not that important. But the amount and interpretation of the numbers is crucial. If so, then study business administration, do internships to verify your interests and then decide on certain areas of focus. That then decides the further way.

Business administration is very versatile and offers many good job opportunities, but it is an administrative activity. If you want to do something more practical (building things, training people, constructing things) this is not the right course of study.
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