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Google Chrome (64 bit)

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Information about Google Chrome (64 bit)

Along with Firefox and Opera, “Google Chrome” is one of the most successful browsers for Windows. The 64-bit version of Chrome combines numerous security functions and easy handling with the speed and stability required for fast surfing. In addition, intelligent routines and careful use of resources ensure smooth and comfortable work. The numerous functions of the software include, for example, the "Omnibox Pre-Rendering", which proactively transmits the page contents of the presumed destinations while you are still typing something in the address line. "Instant Pages" determines which link you are likely to click - and loads the associated content in advance. Password management and autofill are just as much a part of the range of functions as the free download of designs and themes or direct access to Google apps such as Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google Play.

Google Chrome: Omnibox with a combined address and search bar

Like Opera and Microsoft Edge, “Google Chrome” also dispenses with two separate input bars. The address bar and the search field merge to form the so-called OmniBox. If you enter a term, the browser automatically recognizes whether it is a web address or a search term. As you type, you will receive a continuously updated list of suggested terms from previous searches. By default, the web browser uses the Google search engine. If you prefer another search provider such as Bing, you can easily change the information in the settings.

Easy to use Chrome web browser: Select Internet pages via thumbnail view

The handling of the very compact "Google Chrome" browser is based on tried and tested standards: You can work with several websites at the same time using tabs or tabbed browsing without losing the overview. A tab can also be opened as a separate window using drag & drop. Practical: If you call up the Chrome Internet browser (if no other start page has been specified) or open an empty tab, an overview of the most frequently visited websites appears, either in the form of thumbnails or as a list of links. This is also where you can firmly anchor your favorite pages. In addition, the most recently closed Internet pages are listed and you have direct access to the browser history.

Google Chrome with HTML5 player: play videos internally

Technically, "Google Chrome" masters all current standards from HTML5 to CSS3. For example, you can watch HTML5 videos directly without additional plugins. But the browser also plays MP3s, AAC audios or MP4 videos internally without additional codecs. With the integrated print preview, websites can be output as PDF documents. And thanks to the integrated PDF viewer, you can read PDF downloads directly in your web browser.

Chrome browser: surf safely thanks to sandbox

"Google Chrome" executes every browser tab including JavaScript and plugins in a separate sandbox. This secure environment blocks access to critical system areas and prevents malicious program code from settling on your computer. To increase data security, you can surf the “Incognito” browser window with “Google Chrome” without storing traces of the websites you have visited or cookies. This is primarily useful if several users have access to your computer or if you are surfing on public computers.

Chrome: Safe browser with anti-phishing and malware functionality

“Google Chrome” detects phishing pages or websites that contain other malicious programs. “Google Chrome” identifies potentially dangerous downloads using a “black list” of known malware-infected files and a “white list” of harmless programs. “Google Chrome” is also equipped against malware attacks on the browser itself: Toolbars, which are mostly unwanted by other software, are only activated by the web browser after explicit confirmation by the user. In addition, changes to the start page are only possible with your consent. The activated "Do-Not-Track" function prevents websites from analyzing your behavior. A small note in the address line is also informative: The browser marks websites that request passwords or e-mail data as "not secure" if the HTTPS protocol is not used. In incognito mode, all pages without HTTPS are given a warning.

Chrome sync option: sync bookmarks and passwords with smartphone & tablet

If you are logged in with your Google account, the tabs, bookmarks and passwords opened in "Google Chrome" can be compared on the laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone and tablet. Themes and extensions are even synchronized between PCs. Thanks to the account link, multiple users can also use a "Chrome" version with their settings. “Google Chrome” also includes an integrated translation of websites based on “Google Translate”. As soon as you call up a website whose language differs from the current system language, all you need to do is click and the page will be translated.

Download Google Chrome apps and extensions

The 64-bit version of the Google “Chrome” browser can be easily expanded. An overview of all installed web applications ("apps") can be found on the home page. Thanks to the complete integration of the “Chrome Web Store”, new apps can be found and installed with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can use so-called extensions (also known as plugins or addons) to retrofit browser features that are not included in the basic version of “Google Chrome”; for example RSS feeds, WhatsApp or social media plugins for Facebook and Twitter. The most important add-ons are available for download at COMPUTER BILD. Practical: The extensions can even be loaded in incognito mode. For each extension you can individually set whether it should be active when you are in privacy mode.
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Chrome update: changes and new features

“Google Chrome” is characterized by frequent updates. With most installations, "Chrome" reports itself with an auto-update. The update of the Google browser usually brings new features with it in the event of a large version jump. Otherwise, errors are regularly corrected and bug fixes carried out, and functions with regard to security and stability are improved, so that “Google Chrome” becomes faster and more secure. If you subscribe to the free update alarm from COMPUTER BILD, you will in future be informed by e-mail about the appearance of new browser versions and will not miss a Chrome update. Because the latest release is always available for download from COMPUTER BILD.

Conclusion on Google Chrome

"Google Chrome" is one of the best web browsers in terms of security, speed and functionality and is an alternative to Firefox. Security functions such as anti-phishing and incognito mode as well as intelligent operating features such as the OmniBox ensure that you can surf the web easily and safely. Free extensions and direct access to Google apps round off the functionality of the Chrome browser.

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