Can Lisa actually sing from Blackpink?

Blackpink: "The youth is lost"

Yannik explains to Dani why Blackpink and her new single "How You Like That" is the best thing ever. At least he's trying.

Seoul (ynk) - It's boring to list Blackpink's records. The Korean girl group has already done it again, their new single "How You Like That" earned a whopping 150 million views over the weekend in three days and is numerically burning on all other channels. Her last single "Kill This Love" is militantly heading towards the billion. We can discuss, classify, but the gap between K-pop stans and non-disciples is now so deep that only confrontation helps.

Dani, the official good taste of the editorial team (listens to Aesop Rock or Gil Scott-Heron or something) sits down with this Yannik, the official bad taste of the editorial team (listens to Lil Baby and BTS or something). The goal: To spring Dani's first contact with "How You Like That" and explain to her what is happening on the screen. Maybe the questions still remain open, maybe after that we have a second K-Pop victim in the editorial office. We start in the video:


Yannik: This is the best day ever. Okay, before we start, what do you know about Blackpink?

Dani: I know it's K-pop. I know there are several girls. Three? (Four). Well, close, order of magnitude correct. I don't know ... anything about Blackpink. I don't know if I've ever heard a Blackpink song, and if I did, it was because you forced it on me.

Yannik: What do you expect?

Dani: I already want it colorful is. I want colored hair. I've seen a lot on your K-Pop list (Yannik's note: Shameless plug!) - the bar is high!

Yannik: The bar is high, but I think this song can deliver. Let's get it!


Dani: Do you know what the song is about?

Yannik: Yes and no. It's always a bit hard to tell around What it works exactly with a K-pop song. In principle, first of all, I would say: for nothing. After the hook, maybe try again to figure it out.

Dani: So at first I don't care about the whole fairytale symbolism here. Just ignore that Elsa goes Sleeping Beauty thing, okay? Wait ... are those bullet holes in the wall? This is blood! Are there bloody edges?

Yannik: She just broke through the wall so hard that the buildings are starting to bleed to death. As in the iconic scene in the iconic film "Robo Geisha". Look at her, she can do that.

Dani: ... okay.


Dani: Is this ... (hesitates) Is this ... (hesitates again) Is that hip hop?

Yannik: (laughs)

Dani: Is it?!

Yannik: Yes and no. Wait for the next part. But maybe I can tell you a little more about the content now.

Dani: I ask for it.

Yannik: Well, my theory about the content of "How You Like That" is largely based on this key scene. Lisa sings here: "Look at me, now look at you (Ah) / Look at me, now look at you (Ah) / Look at me, now look at you (Ah) / How you like that?"Maybe it was intended as a break-up song, but realistic and from the vibe I would say: This is a disstrack.

Dani: Mhm.

Yannik: To the phone.

Dani: Mhm.

Yannik: So to me.

Dani: Mhm.

Yannik: I think I deserve exactly that.

Dani: (short silence) So yes, I can already see the contrast: First "super cute girl basks in the sunlight" and then "put on her ski mask, load it up and stamp it down". I can work with that.


Dani: Well, it has already rapped really solidly, you have to say

Yannik: This is Lisa! Their rap parts are a highlight on almost every song. I also liked the bazaar sound, which only pops up for twenty seconds and then never gets picked up again.

Dani: Ah yes. Wait, change of scene. Who is she now?


Yannik: This is Jennie!

Dani: How can you actually tell them apart?

Yannik: ... now Jisoo!

Dani: That is actually the interesting question here.

Yannik: Oh come on, there are four women who are not that difficult to tell apart now.

Dani: Yes, but ... why do you even want to ... (laughs) no! Why is it important to tell them apart?

Yannik: To know who is playing which role! Lisa, for example, who had the bazaar rap part ten seconds ago, which has already been drowned in the avalanche of new parts, has the cool rap parts on almost all songs. On one song she once said "I'm a star, no Patrick"rapped and I'm still deeply impressed by it.

Dani: So so.

Yannik: This is Jennie right now, the face of the group. Jisoo, she in red, has the best vocals and an ultra-beautiful voice and Rosé, who comes up later, often does those gigantic bridges. The more you tell them apart, the more you understand which parts and structures emerge. Sometimes the songs are almost too formulaic.

Dani: ... okay. A lot of good budget in there. You can't complain.

Yannik: It's actually not exactly DIY.


Dani: Wait ... Trojan horses? What?

Yannik: Because they infiltrated the editorial staff.

Dani: Is working. But I'm a little disappointed that there weren't any synchronized swimmers in the end. Hmm Yes.

Yannik: Yes! (laughs)

Dani: No, I mean, I can do something with it. First, I have a big heart for pop, and second, I have a big heart for ... functional music.

Yannik: No question about it, it's very functional.

Dani: It works like hell. You can hang that up and people will go crazy. Even the indie snobs with their twisted indie records will spin you like on a scooter hookline.

Yannik: It is exactly that! That's why I found the question about the content so difficult earlier. It's basically just giving up any coherence in favor of the question: How many hooks can I get in three minutes? That's why it sprints through "Disney Ice Princesses" to "I'll insult you on trap beats" to "I'm rapping in the bazaar", and it ends with oil pumps, burning umbrellas and Trojan horses. The main thing is to pack as much input, as much stimulus as possible, into as tight a space as possible. You will sing sometime "Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane". The answer is: Yes. Yes!

Dani: I really think it works very well. But it's just like all that shit that works well: There's nothing in it at all. Or there is so much in it that it doesn't matter what is in it.

Yannik: Yes! But that's what makes it cool for me! For me it is overcoming content. It is just Shape.

Dani: Is it good?

Yannik: Yes!

Dani: I do not know.

Yannik: I think it's the best. I don't want to see anything else anymore. Content? Miss me with that.

Dani: Is that so? Geez. The youth is lost.

Yannik: We can agree on that.