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Contact details: what does it include?

Sense and purpose of contact details is to enable another person to contact you. Anyone who, as a job seeker, writes an application should therefore be picky about their contact details. This includes not only the completeness, but also the seriousness of an email address. Anyone who is already sloppy here will quickly get a rejection. But even beyond well-known application errors, there are a few things to consider, especially with regard to social networks ...

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Contact details definition: What are full contact details?

Contact data are the data under which someone communicates with you or you with another person, a company, an institution or the like Can contact. In your cover letter you can find these in the letterhead, either right-justified above the recipient field or often in the header.

Contact information can be used synonymously with address. In contrast to the sender address, your contact details also include one Email address and your phone numberthat can happily be a cell phone number. The full contact details therefore consist of these elements:

  • name surname
  • Street, house number
  • Postal code city
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number

You should only give your landline number if it is realistic for you are attainable - Anyone who travels a lot is well advised to give their mobile phone number. As mentioned at the beginning, a reputable email address is important in order to be taken seriously as a potential candidate.

[email protected] is definitely not one of them; is better you choose one Combination of first and last name, i.e. first [email protected] or with an underscore would be a sensible alternative.

Just as you paint a serious picture of yourself by providing your contact details, the same applies to the potential employer: Anyone who is a job seeker in response to job advertisements incomplete contact details of the employer comes across, whose alarm bells should ring. Companies that just provide an email address or cell phone number are very likely not serious.

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When applying electronically

Who his Application by email sent, whose e-mail address is visible on the one hand. On the other hand, for the sake of completeness, you should set up a signature that contains your contact details.

So that your files can later be clearly assigned by the company, these should also be given a meaningful name. Part of your contact details, namely your name, must be included in the file name.

Negative example:

"ApplicationXY_neue_Variante.pdf" or "Application Elias_heute.pdf" may make sense to the sender, but they do not help the recipient to clearly identify the file without a closer look. If then in the documents themselves such as the curriculum vitae, the Incomplete contact details it leaves a bad impression.

Positive example:

"Application_Martina_Musterfrau_F Firmenname" however, it immediately signals to the recipient what it is about: an application whose author is immediately recognizable. In addition, the specified company name shows that this file was created individually for this company.

At least this is the ideal case - because who in the best copy-and-paste manner one and the same application (only the contact persons have been exchanged) to several companies sent, there is a risk of not adapting the file name.

Always keep your contact details up to date

This is particularly true for students or graduates who are about to do so plan to move. If you are on the last legs of your studies and are applying at the same time, you should include this in your contact details.

The application process can sometimes take several months, which means that you may have moved in the meantime and the documents will not reach you or only with delay. In this case, you should add a note to your contact details that makes it clear where you can best be reached and when.

For example, you could write: "I can be reached at the address given above by the 15th of this month, after which you can reach me at the following address ..." Set up a forwarding order. Swiss Post offers a forwarding service for up to 24 months.

The risk here, however, is that you will lose your Documents received delayed - this can cost valuable time, especially when it comes to invitations to interviews.

Contact in social networks

Dealing with Contact details in social networks. Many people emphasize that they are privately on Facebook. Data protection is important to you, which is why some people fall back on invented names and otherwise offer few contact options.

What may still be understandable on Facebook can, however, develop into an own goal in professional networks such as LinkedIn and Xing. After all, this is exactly what job seekers are looking for: making contact. If but no contact details released only the news function via Xing remains.

This is partly not possible with basic membership and more time consuming than a quick call. You can edit your contact details on Xing via your page and then in the menu on the right:

In the middle, click the "Contact details" button and another window will open in which you can complete your personal data:

Depending on how actively you plan to use Xing, you can, for example Xing contacts in the mobile address book import. It is not at all a matter of the fact that you inevitably have to provide your private mobile phone number. However, if you have your own website as a freelancer, for example, and provide your full contact details there, you should also compare this with the Xing profile.

It can also be beneficial if you change your profile link to the profiles of other networks and refer to your accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Probably many choose the default setting of data sharing so that new contacts are made for the time being no contact details to be seen to get. However, you can release the data separately for each new contact.

Experts generally recommend business networks such as Xing or LinkedIn Share business contact detailsbecause you can then be reached more quickly. This is especially true if you don't check your profile regularly.

In that case, you should at least be in regular intervals (preferably monthly or quarterly), because some services may be discontinued in the meantime or new ones will be added.

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