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The month is up and we're already on our way back from Korea. The culinary world tour this month was really new territory for many of the fellow travelers and no one from this group has yet been there. Fortunately, there is the internet and numerous cookbooks.

One book that I ordered especially for this trip around the world is the cookbook “Korea” by Sarah Henke, from which I cooked Khanpunggi - chicken with garlic. And the turbo housewife has used the book “My Asia Kitchen by Jennifer Joyce”.

Since I didn't just want to rely on reading, I ate my way through Korean cuisine in various restaurants in Hamburg. Not only was it very tasty, but I was also able to convince myself that the recipes that have now come together are also very authentic.

Let's start with breakfast. Melanie from The Saturday Breakfast gives us a nice overview with her contribution Breakfast in Korea - Haejang-guk. And if we start with a soup for breakfast, let's continue with soups. Both we and the turbo housewife made a kimchi soup. Because our Korean noodle soup is also cooked with kimchi.

If you prefer a sweet breakfast, I recommend the street food hit Hotteok - pancakes from Korea. Both Tina from Küchenmomente and Michelle from The Road Most Traveled brought us the only sweet dish. At Michelle there is a combination of Korean sushi as a gimbap and hotteok from Korea .. Korean sushi is a great thing and a dish that I have never seen before. In contrast to Japanese sushi, the filling consists of at least 5 ingredients as we can learn from Ronald from Franconian tapas. He brought us Korean sushi with Franconian fish.

There are other snacks from Ulrike and Petra. There is mung bean pancakes in kitchen Latin and in chili and ciabatta: Bindaetteok - Korean mung bean pancakes Surf and Turf

But now we come to the most important point of Korean cuisine: Kimchi. Kimchi is a Korean phenomenon that has meanwhile made it into the world, but nowhere plays a corresponding role, as in Korea.
We also have 2 kimchi recipes for you. On the one hand the very classic kimchi in Britta's cookbook, on the other hand a cauliflower kimchi by Simone on cinnamon rolls.

Kimchi goes with anything and everything. Among other things, there is kimchi with the various meat dishes that Korean cuisine has to offer. And these are numerous.
Simone had Jajangmyeong - noodles with black beans and mince - while Simone von Magentratzerl had Dakdoritang - Korean chicken stew.

It continues sharply with Petra and Sylvia. On chili and ciabatta there is a Gochujang pork pot and with bread wine there is spicy Korean roasted pork

Britta had beef. Their beef bulgogi looks like in Korean restaurants and we have a Korean beef goulash for you.

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint all those with a sweet tooth at this point. Because we are already at the destination of our journey. I hope with the 19 great contributions we were able to give a great insight into Korean cuisine this month as well. And if you are interested in other Asian recipes, you should also take a look at our trip to Thailand with 26 recipes and to India with 23 recipes. And in December we will be visiting Korea's big neighbor, China.


After our tour group split up last month and traveled almost all over the world with 23 culinary holiday memories from 12 countries, we are now starting our next long-distance journey. We recently stopped in Peru and brought 20 Peruvian recipes with us. We're going to Korea this month. A country that has only become better known in culinary terms in Germany in recent years. About 15 years ago I went to eat Korean BBQ and kimchi revived the fermentation hype in Germany. (Or the other way around, but that's more of a philosophical than a culinary question.) Otherwise, people in Germany don't really know much about the kitchen and I'm looking forward to your research about the country and maybe one or the other of you has even been there on site? In addition to recipes, culinary travel reports are just as welcome as restaurant reports or cookbook reviews. The only condition that land must be the focus. We are curious and look forward to many great recipes. Would you like to accompany us on a culinary trip around the world? How to do it can be found in detail in this post and an overview of all topics up to now and for the rest of the year can be found here.

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