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Wedding anniversaries and wedding anniversaries

Not all wedding anniversaries are celebrated in a big way, as is usual with silver and gold weddings.

But it can't hurt to celebrate love together with your partner on such a marriage anniversary or at least to take time together to put marriage and love in the foreground again.

The names for the wedding anniversaries are different depending on the region. We have tried to name as many as possible, using the most common names.

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List of all wedding anniversaries and wedding days by year:

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After 1 year: cotton wedding (or paper wedding)

Marriage is still like a blank slate. Further information…

In some regions, the cotton wedding is only celebrated after 2 years.

After 3 years: leather wedding

The marriage has passed its first tests, leather only becomes really noble through the tanning process.

After 5 years: wooden wedding

Wood is a permanent material that grows organically, just as your marriage has naturally grown over these years. Further information…

After 6 years: ox wedding

The name is used not only for for the 6th wedding anniversary, but also after 14 days, 5,6,9 or 10 years. In northern Germany, an oxtail is often given away for this occasion.

In some regions, the term ox wedding is only used if the couple has been childless by then. Who does not know the difference between ox and bull: The ox is neutered ...

After 6.5 years: pewter wedding

Tin is a relatively soft metal, i.e. the marriage is already solid but still in the process of forming. Sometimes the pewter wedding is also called "quarter silver wedding" and is then celebrated after 6 1/4 years.

After 7 years: Copper wedding

Copper has a wonderful sheen when properly cared for. However, if you don't care for it, it gets a green-blue layer. The copper is not that beautiful anymore, but with a little work you can get it to shine again. Just like with marriage.

With the 7th wedding anniversary, the "darn 7th year" is over and it is important to check whether there has been a shift over the marriage and a little more care is called for.

After 8 years: tinny wedding

Sheet metal is certainly not one of the most beautiful metals, but it is very durable in daily use.

After 10 years: rose wedding

The rose is the queen of flowers and a symbol of love. It is beautiful, but it also has thorns. (This anniversary is also sometimes called the wooden wedding in northern Germany.)
More information about the rose wedding ...

After 12.5 years: Nickel wedding (or parsley wedding)

Half the way to the silver wedding is covered. This explains the connection with nickel: it is visually very similar to silver, but still does not have the same value. Further information…

After 15 years: Glass wedding (or crystal wedding)

Glass stands for clarity and transparency, but is also fragile if you handle it too carelessly!

After 20 years: china wedding

Porcelain is more valuable than glass, but it is also fragile.

After 25 years: silver wedding anniversary

A quarter of a century of marriage deserves such a noble metal. This is the appropriate occasion to celebrate your love again. Some couples also use this day to have new wedding rings made and go on another honeymoon or make up for the honeymoon that may not have taken place at the time. Further information…

After 30 years: pearl wedding

Pearls are very fine pieces of jewelry that have grown naturally over the years.

After 35 years: silver screen wedding

In earlier times you were portrayed in this phase of life.

After 37.5 years: aluminum wedding

In contrast to many other precious metals, aluminum is rust-free!

After 40 years: ruby ​​wedding

The sparkling red gem embodies the fire of love.

If you are looking for a gift for a ruby ​​wedding, see our article "Top 18 gifts for the ruby ​​wedding" we have lots of great ideas for you!

After 50 years: golden wedding

Gold, as the most valuable metal, embodies half a century of marriage. Many couples use this occasion to renew their vows in a wedding ceremony. Bring a bit of nostalgia into your celebration and invite the wedding guests of yore who you haven't seen for a long time. A band that plays the music from back then also contributes to the memory. Further information…

After 60 years: diamond wedding

What comes after the golden wedding? An anniversary that is rarely celebrated is the diamond wedding. The diamond embodies immortality and is also a very rare natural product that, when cut, is an absolute treasure.

After 65 years: an iron wedding

Iron is a very hard metal that can only be bent or deformed with great effort.

Unfortunately, such an anniversary is not possible for many married couples and should therefore be greatly honored and celebrated.

You can bring rust-red roses as a gift for a bride and groom celebrating the Iron Wedding. The rust-red roses are a symbol of the rust that formed in the worse times of marriage. It is a sign of the respect that is shown to the couple, as they went through the difficult times with iron love. Also a nice gift idea: a real lucky horseshoe - made of iron, of course.

After 67 years: stone wedding

Stones are very durable and last almost forever even under the toughest weather conditions.

After 70 years: grace wedding

It is indeed a grace to be able to spend such a long time with one's partner. Very few couples reach this anniversary: ​​In the past, people rarely even turned 70, today the marriage age is well above the age of 20, so that even at a blessed age of 100, it is not a matter of course to have been married for that long .

After 75 years: crown jewel wedding

The only possible upgrade to silver, gold and diamond! The most precious thing there is are the crown jewels. And nothing is more precious than being happily married for so long.

The crown jewel wedding is the rarest of the wedding anniversaries. Because this anniversary is only celebrated after 75 years of marriage. Even if you are married to the point of death, it usually comes before your 75 years of marriage. Assuming a marriage age of 25, then both would have to be 100 years old. And that's really rare.

Should you or someone from your circle of acquaintances reach the crown jewel wedding, then this wedding day should be celebrated appropriately!

After 80 years: oak wedding

At first glance, the oak doesn't look as valuable as silver, gold and crown jewels. But after 80 years of marriage, it's probably not about wealth either, but about the strength of the marriage. This is symbolized by the oak.

Do you have to celebrate all wedding anniversaries?

Anniversaries should usually be celebrated in some way. Whether you give each other something, go on a special excursion or go on your honeymoon for the second time - the main thing is that the wedding day will be remembered for a long time!

Especially with particularly large anniversaries, it is a good idea to celebrate this wedding anniversary with friends and relatives. Then you can remember your big party from back then together or even repeat marriage vows to the guests.

Such wedding days also offer the opportunity to see old friends and acquaintances again. You don't have to celebrate this festival as luxuriously as the original wedding. A great garden party, where each guest brings a little something to eat, is also ideal.

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