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#FEATURISTA - Smart jewelry: Not just a nice accessory but a smart companion

Actually, I wanted to call this column “Hands On Leaf”. But I thought that the Google algorithm would then probably refer masses of hobby gardeners to this post. And if I don't have one thing, it's a green thumb. Unless I'm trying to drive a nail on the wall myself again, but that's another story.

“Hands on” is actually absolutely correct and so is “Leaf”, only that the leaf is not responsible for photosynthesis, but for the health of body and soul. The Leaf, the "Health Tracker for your Body and Mind", is an eye-catcher (surprisingly it looks like a leaf), but not just a classic fitness tracker. Neither the functions nor the look and feel are reminiscent of this. Leaf is a piece of jewelry. The manufacturer bellabeat even has the vision that sooner or later concepts like Leaf will replace classic jewelry.

Digital jewelry for fashionistas

In fact, the Leaf is made up like a pompous piece of jewelry. You will receive it in a very high-quality packaging. In addition, bellabeat supplies a bracelet and a necklace. So you don't have to cover your paper with your mouth, you can wear it as a bracelet, a necklace or even a brooch on your top or waistband. The latter is especially important for use during meditation and breathing exercises. But these are just a few of the central functions of Leaf, which are hidden behind the beautiful look. A digital companion that tracks your entire organism. How active you were during the day. What the duration and quality of your sleep look like. For example, I was amazed how few hours at night I find myself in a real deep sleep phase. It can guide you to complete meditation exercises that are tailored to your body and, above all, to find the right intensity.

Leaf Me Alone

Leaf calculates individual feedback on your activities and motivates you to continue optimizing. Constant charging, as known from fitness trackers or the Apple Watch, is no longer necessary, as the integrated battery should last up to 6 months. You can create various alarm cycles, for example a notification as soon as you have been inactive for more than three hours during the day. The Leaf looks quite bulky with the integrated technology and the battery, but it is comfortable to wear and very light. It is not waterproof, so it must be removed when showering or swimming. The Leaf app runs on iOS and Android and is available from $ 149. As a vegan, I would still be happy about alternatives in the material. At the moment there are only leather bracelets.

Youtube / bellabeatTV

Stay Connected Not Distracted

The Altrius jewelry gadget by Vinaya goes in a completely different direction. The digital stone that always reminds me of the pearls in my grandmother's rings can be purchased as a ring, bracelet or necklace. Its task - in addition to its visual appeal as a classic piece of jewelry - is to concentrate on the essentials. “Stay connected, not distracted”. That is the motto of Altrius. It is connected to your iPhone and filters incoming information using individually defined profiles. Different vibration alarms can be defined for different senders or events. A self-determined "secret word" even ensures that messages containing this secret word are also passed on to you in a particularly prominent way via the Altrius. So you are well informed about what information has reached you.

Wearable Technology For The Moment

The Altrius is quite big and also quite heavy - but that suits him. A ring that is passed on within a family with the patina of many generations is also mostly large and heavy. A real gem. In this case not from sapphire or diamond, but from the pearls of the new generation: technical innovations. Enclosed in a handcrafted ceramic cube, it keeps you focused on the moment without interrupting the information chains that are really important to you. The ring is waterproof and the battery lasts for a month. However, the Altrius app is currently only available for iOS.

Source: Youtube / VINAYA

A ring not to rule them

All in all, it's a really nice, symbiotic wearable starting at £ 135. And for candidates like me, who need around 6 new cell phones a year because I always leave them in taxis, hotel rooms or restaurants, it has another particularly useful feature: it vibrates vehemently when you get out of range of your iPhone. So for me it's kind of the investment of the year.

In conclusion, both the Leaf and the Altrius are good first steps into the future. Technology that you also want to wear because it adorns. While the Leaf works like a fitness tracker that has been expanded to include wellness and meditation functions, the Altrius offers you the opportunity to decide individually which messages you want to have immediately and which a little later, when you have time to go through everything in peace. Two completely different approaches, both successful. They can also be worn together in a stylish way to adapt to your daily outfits as well as your evening wear and thus become a fashion gadget that you have come to love.

As you can see, the options for finding wearables that are really suitable for everyday use also for fashion-conscious contemporaries are increasing every day. And we're still a long way from the end of it. But there you have an advantage, because I'll stay on the ball for you.

See you soon, you fashion tekkis.

Your Marie