What were the goals of the Daesh militants

Daesh publishes video: Paris bombers are presented

The Daesh terrorist organization published a video on Sunday allegedly in which the nine assassins who were behind the attacks in Paris in November and who threatened the 'coalition countries'. Great Britain should also be among the countries.

The title of the video is "Kill Them Wherever You Find Them" and was posted on pro-Daesh sites. Four Belgians, three French and two Iraqis allegedly responsible for the attacks in Paris appear in camouflage suits the desert before the attacks.

In the video, the Daesh militants said in Arabic and French that their "message is to all countries participating in the (US-led) coalition". The coalition has been fighting radical Daesh in Syria and Iraq since September 2014 .

The video also shows a picture of British Prime Minister David Cameron, who is accompanied in the video with these words in English: "Whoever stands in the ranks of our enemies will be the target of our swords."

Daesh's Al-Hayat media center produced this video and described the nine terrorists as "lions" who "brought France to its knees".

The footage shows images of the coordinated attacks on Paris and the security operations of the French special forces during the attack.

Among other things, the nine terrorists are shown carrying out atrocities, including beheading and shooting people who have been described as hostages.

The French foreign minister declined to comment on the video. There was no immediate comment from the prime minister's office, and officials at the Home Office could not be reached directly.