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Reading tips: which book is right for me? Do the test!

Despite numerous bestseller lists on the Internet and recommendations from friends, it is often difficult to choose a book. The choice is just too big! If you are also looking for a new book, but are not yet sure which book is right for you, then take our test. He will tell you in which genre of books you will be happy.

When you have found out whether you are more of the "romance" type, the "thrill" type or the "fantasy" type, then scroll down: We will show you the absolute must-reads for every taste!

Our favorite books at a glance

Romance novels

1. Save Me

The novel "Save Me" by Mona Kasten is about Ruby, a student who cannot identify with her classmates at all. She especially stays away from the secret leader of the prestigious college. He's rich and arrogant - really caustic. However, Ruby finds out something about him that could ruin his family's reputation. Involuntarily the two get closer. An exciting love story for everyone who wants to laugh and cry again while reading a book. We like!

You can find the novel "Save Me" here on Amazon. *

2. Half a year

The novel "A Whole Half a Year" by Jojo Moyes is about Lou, who used to be a waiter in a café and has recently been unemployed. She takes a job with the wealthy Traynor family to look after their adult and paralyzed son. Will, who used to be a real bon vivant, has been depressed since his momentous accident and has a grudge against the world. Lou, on the other hand, is carefree and meets the grouchy man with a heartwarming openness. Two worlds meet here. A very touching love story that is by no means clichéd or cheesy!

You can find the novel "A Whole Half a Year" here on Amazon. *

Woman career books

3. The Big Five for Life

The book "The Big Five for Life" by John Strelecky is about Joe, a dissatisfied employee who meets the successful businessman Thomas. Thomas reveals to Joe why his companies are so successful. He leads them in a very special style - every employee must know which five goals he wants to achieve in his life and he can reconcile these with his job. Employees work more productively when they are happy in their private lives. This book is a real must-read for anyone looking to climb the corporate ladder!

You can find the book "The Big Five for Life" here on Amazon. *

4. Wake up the boss in you

With her book "Wake up the boss in you", the author Sigrid Meuselbach describes how women can best use their professional talents to get to management positions. The frightening: Many women still have a hard time getting to the top professionally. Especially in the executive suite you mostly meet men. With the help of 40 strategies, the author shows how a woman can manage to assert herself in the job and to be successful. We think: The book is not only suitable for career women, but for every woman who does not want to wait for actual equality in everyday life.

You can find the book "Awake the boss in you" here on Amazon. *

Life counselor

5. The café on the edge of the world

"The Café on the Edge of the World" by John Strelecky is about John, an advertising manager who is always under stress. By chance he ends up in a café and finds three questions on the menu: “Why are you here?” “Are you afraid of death?” And “Do you lead a fulfilling life?”. He tries to answer these questions with two other people in the café. This book will make it clear to you in a relaxed and authentic way what is really important in life. And that certainly has nothing to do with material things ...

You can find the book "Das Café am Rande der Welt" here on Amazon. *

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6. Before you go

How would you change your life if you got another chance? Clare Swatman's novel "Before You Go" deals with this question. The book is about Zoe and Ed, who have been married for over 14 years. But the marriage has not been going well for a long time, as the two quarrel more and more often. Ed suddenly dies in a tragic accident. Zoe is devastated, but when she hits her head in a fall, she wakes up to a world where Ed is still alive. She has the chance to change everything ... A very touching book!

You can find the novel "Before you go" here on Amazon. *


7. A Brief History of Humanity

As the title suggests, the non-fiction novel by Yuval Noah Harari is about the origins and development of mankind. Why did people settle down and start building cities? And why do so many people actually believe in gods and at the same time place so much trust in money, laws and books? A very exciting book that will open the eyes of one or the other.

You can find the book "A Brief History of Mankind" here on Amazon. *

Mysteries and psychological thrillers

8. Blackout

The thriller "Blackout" by Marc Elsberg begins on a cold winter day when suddenly all the power grids across Europe collapse. Lights, heating, food storage and ATMs - none of this works anymore. The Italian computer scientist Piero suspects a hacker attack and has received dubious e-mails since the blackout. For him it's a matter of life and death! Absolute thrill is inevitable in this crime thriller - the book describes the sheer horror and is terrifyingly realistic at the same time. Bet that from now on you will shudder with every brief power failure?

You can find the thriller "Blackout" here on Amazon. *

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9. The package

"Das Paket" by Sebastian Fitzek is about a young woman, Emma Stein, who was raped by a psychopath. She survived the rape and now fears that the rapist might strike again and this time kill her. She lives in a small house on the lake and, out of fear, no longer sets foot in front of the door. One day the postman asks her to accept a package for her neighbor. And that is your biggest mistake ... An incredibly exciting book, which you will certainly not put away voluntarily.

You can find the psychological thriller "Das Paket" here on Amazon. *

10. Woman in Cabin 10

The psychological thriller "The Woman in Cabin 10" by Ruth Ware is about Laura, who works as a travel journalist and takes part in a cruise. One night she hears screams and an impact into the water, as if someone had thrown a body overboard. The woman from cubicle 10, with whom Laura had contact before, suddenly disappeared. And all of them claim to have never seen them ... Definitely a very exciting book that is guaranteed to shudder!

You can find the psychological thriller "Woman in Cabin 10" here on Amazon. *

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