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  • Hello everybody,
    my friend (Stephan) has had gastric bypass for about 2 months. He is often writing in the forum himself. Fortunately, the operation went well and all the scars have healed nicely. Lately he has been having trouble eating, vomiting and all that. Since I am afraid that he will only be able to eat poorly, I started to inquire about vitamins and food supplements, etc. It is not enough for me if the doctor says: Take a center from A-Z and that's it. After all, he is working 100% again and is steadily losing weight, so he has to get his nutrients somehow, otherwise he will collapse.
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    I'm just worried. I was also scared during the operation. I want him to be able to live well with this bypass and to stay adequately nourished and strong.

    So thank you for letting me dump my grief. Perhaps a vitamin bypass expert among you can give me some tips.

    p.s: on the title, I read on the internet that electrolyte drinks like Gatorade or Powerade are good. Who knows what about it?

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    conny 10
  • Petra from Vienna

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    Hello Conny!

    I don't take such drinks from the brands you mentioned, because we in Austria have added sugar.

    I take the effervescent tablets from Hofer (Aldi) and Lidl and switch to a special athlete vitamin and mineral mixture. It is a vitamin and mineral powder and is called Megabasic.
    It is primarily intended for athletes and I got it from cyclists.

    There are 2 flavors: black currant and orange.

    The jar contains 500g and according to the description you get 6.25 liters, whereby I divide a measuring spoon into 500ml instead of 250ml.

    The price is around 8 euros per can.

    I get it through the cycling club, but I think they have it in Intersport, etc.

    In any case, it is important to take something daily and have a complete blood count done after 3 months so that, if something is missing, you can take countermeasures early enough.

    best regards
  • maery

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    Hello Conny

    So first of all I am of the opinion that 1 center is not enough ... Unfortunately, every doctor handles it differently with the aftercare ... one doctor gives EVERYTHING from the beginning and check every half year like mine ... Other doctors give first then something when the body has deficiency symptoms ...

    I prefer the first method !!!! I take 1 All in One from Migros (effervescent tablet) and 2 Calcimagon D3 the Becozym forte and I don't have to take the iron every day because my values ​​are so good!

    Getorade and all that I would not recommend but really go to the doctor and have blood values ​​checked!

    Greetings Märy
  • Stefan

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    Hi Conny,
    The question of the correct supply of vitamins is probably posed by every bypass patient. You can, of course, spend a fortune on dietary supplements if you want, the industry is happy to have a hole in your stomach.

    The fact is that in all bypass variants there is deficiency digestion (intentional incorrect digestion). It is highest in the distal RNY bypass and the BPD and BPD + DS. It is important that the aftercare is carried out by the clinic, alternatively an internist with specialist knowledge. This ensures that deficiency symptoms can be prevented at an early stage.

    Under normal circumstances, the administration of vitamin B12 (storage replenishment every 3 months by means of a syringe), the administration of calcium and, especially for women, the intake of an iron preparation (if necessary) is completely sufficient. The other vitamins can be adequately absorbed through a balanced diet even with bypass. The additional, but limited in terms of quantity, intake of multivitamin preparations cannot do any harm. The effervescent tablets from Aldi or from me the Centrum 50+ should be enough.

    Again: Make sure you give your friend the tip to have themselves checked regularly. A good doctor knows exactly what to look out for and regularly checks the blood count for abnormalities.

    Best regards

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