Why are so many vegans militant

The embarrassing viciousness of many vegans

Dear vegans, we need to talk again. What's the matter with you guys? I've met running vegans, I like them. Very relaxed people, just like we runners are. Well, they could use a piece of meat sausage, but otherwise I really like them all.

And everyone understands a lot of fun, and we have it when we run together. Many of my vegan running friends laughed tears at the violent reactions of their vegan colleagues. I admit it, I laughed along with it. Me arrogant column sack.

I have laughed with running vegans at other aggressive, militant vegans. We got together there. Aren't we bold? And guess what? That was very relaxing. Because we laughed and discussed the most polarizing column since this column came into existence.

Column with humor

We laughed and discussed. As it should be for grown-ups. And to make it very clear. This is a column. It is my running column that I enjoy immensely. In columns one expresses opinions, attitudes. And that is enriched with a little humor. So I did it in my "Kampfansage".

This is how I think of all of my columns. It is often discussed, thousands of readers read the plays every week, and do you know what the greatest joy is? Whenever I get the feedback that I've got even one person moving, I know that this is exactly what writing is worth.

I don't write “This is how it works” week after week because I find myself so special or awesome, but because the topic kicks me. Because I myself always learn something through dialogue with you. From runner to runner, from person to person.

Offer to Moses P.

What I learned after the famous "Kampfansage column" is that whoever preaches love of animals and plants turns into peaceful vegans is in truth a thousand times aggressive and malicious. And guess what? I find nothing more embarrassing and hypocritical. Outside the peace maker, inside a bloodthirsty wolf.

Perhaps one should prescribe more meat sausage here, better a 20-kilometer run. That relaxes the militant soul. And right here is the point! At no point did I criticize vegans per se in the polarizing column. On the contrary. Anyone who knows me knows that I always take the view: Eat what is good for you. Run no matter how, but run. And if it doesn't work, don't join a sect, just run.

Or make sure that it works again! For Moses P., the well-known music producer and head of “Glashaus” from Frankfurt, things may not be going so well at the moment. He always struggles with the weight, it works like that with the music, now he has just become a vegan and supports the scene. On my private Facebook page