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The scope and price range for the big data seminars is correspondingly large. There are inexpensive daily rates for a few hundred euros, but more extensive training is not only more time-consuming, but also financially. In return, the participants also receive in-depth training on how to use the tools and how to get the greatest possible benefit from the data collected.

In courses, participants learn how data mining works or what possibilities there are to deal with this data with the help of artificial intelligence. In special courses, the participants receive the knowledge they need to use the information from the various platforms on which they offer their products in a sustainable manner, so that they can develop optimal products on the basis of this information.

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Information can be used efficiently for specific areas in the company. You can find courses in the cities under Compare seminars, training or further education in.

The e-training is progressing faster and faster. The digital transformation and recent scientific discoveries have brought about tremendous economic and social changes, which are also felt in the areas of training and development. Due to the use of mobile devices as well as video games and the like, the form of e-training is changing and adapting to the new times.

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This can include videos, slides, video games, or any other element that can be accessed online. Just as training via the Internet has become known under the more common term e-learning, online training is known under the expression e-training. Businesses and public institutions go to great lengths to update and improve their e-training programs.

The following are the five most important ones: Until now, many companies have only conducted their training programs when new employees have been hired. In other cases, e-training courses were only given for short and intensive periods of time. Today, the best training programs rely on continuous and repetitive training and use different formats to promote the same content more intensively.

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Smartphones are ubiquitous in our lives and, accordingly, e-training is moving to the screens of our mobile devices. This allows participants to take the training courses anywhere and whenever they want, and this can increase their effectiveness, completion rates and employee engagement - web design courses. For years, e-training has been arranged from top to bottom and according to the needs identified by those in charge of the respective departments and the experts in training and development.

This fact is called user centric in English. The phenomenon is still on the rise and not all companies have yet joined the trend, but the enormous amount of data offered by big data will help ensure that all e-training programs can be better structured, monitored and personalized .

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The tendency is obviously that the Learning Management System (LMS) is used more and more often as if it were a customer relationship manager (English abbreviation CRM) - web designer education. The recent major trend in e-training has something to do with the game. Scientific studies show that gamification techniques (point systems, competition, levels, badges) increase the motivation and commitment of employees and accordingly make training more efficient.

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For many, online courses and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) still seem a bit strange concept. The idea of ​​going to “university” (or school) at home on the sofa or at your desk may sound great at first, but unfortunately it also requires a lot of self-discipline. This is one of the reasons why many media (e.g.

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Die ZEIT, which also opens up many positive perspectives) reports that the online course / MOOC concept has failed - the drop-out rates are too high, the courses are not good enough. The reports are deep, but actually no longer fit with the modern and current offers. The course landscape has changed massively and the courses are not only better than ever, but also fill many gaps that would otherwise be very difficult to cover.

As we have already reported, online courses and MOOCs can especially help you to discover exciting new things, to fill gaps in knowledge or to tune your résumé (but not the CV of Failures). The numbers definitely speak their own language. The number of courses offered is growing rapidly and many providers are now even accredited and can offer entire courses, including bachelor's and master's degrees.

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Here we try to bring the most important and exciting providers to the point for you. Coursera is one of the first and largest providers of MOOCs and was founded by two Stanford professors. Coursera works with over 150 universities (including Harvard, Stanford and MIT) and offers an incredible range of courses in all areas.

B. in the area of ​​business administration). You can take (most) courses for free, but if you want a certificate you have to dig into your pocket. Coursera also offers a subscription model that gives you access to all courses. The MOOCs provider edX sees itself as a direct competitor to Coursera and is based at MIT and Harvard University.

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Of course, there are also regular master’s programs and various additional qualifications. Since edX has more than 10 million learners, you can trust that they know what they are doing. In terms of price, edX looks similar to Coursera. The courses are free, the certificates (of course not the entire master's degree) cost between 40 and 80 euros.