Did Justin Bieber change his gender?

Justin Bieber: First words on father rumors

It has been speculated for days whether Justin Bieber really fathered a child with a fan. Now, for the first time, the swarm of teenagers commented on the rumors themselves

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Wild rumors have clouded the otherwise perfect image of Justin Bieber in the last few days: A 20-year-old Californian claims that the pop star is the father of her three-month-old baby. After a concert in October last year, she slept with him - he allegedly wanted to do without contraception. It was also the first time for the then 16-year-old.

To prove this claim, Mariah Yeater is filing a lawsuit calling for a paternity test. The 17-year-old's management immediately denied the rumors and threatened countermeasures. Now Justin Bieber himself commented on the incident for the first time - on the same day that a cover of "Star Magazine" with the picture of his alleged son was circulating on the Internet.

"I will ignore the rumors and focus on the reality. The chance to help with what I love. Judge me by my music!" Wrote Justin Bieber on Twitter. Probably also a reference to his new Christmas album "Under the Mistletoe", which was released on Tuesday (November 1st).

Mariah Yeater's lawyers claim, however, that there is various evidence of the one-night stand between Justin Bieber and her client, from which the child is said to have emerged. This was reported by "The Telegraph". Above all, this should be a positive paternity test. The lawyers also stated that Bieber had not yet clearly denied unprotected sexual intercourse.

A court date is said to have been set for December 15th. According to "Radaronline", this is noted on Mariah Yeater's affidavit. It is still unclear whether there will really be a lawsuit. But even if Justin Bieber should really be the father, Mariah Yeater will probably not get away with it: because then she could be charged with seducing a minor.