Can I sell a phone under contract?

Can I sell a cell phone with a contract?

20. “We / us / our” means The Carphone Warehouse Limited. 2. We will pay the declared value on your debit card, if available, within 3 working days; or there really is no need to go anywhere else to sell a phone because with SellCell you are always guaranteed the most cash every time !! So I want to know - if I buy another phone directly and put my SIM card in it and keep paying the contract, is that allowed? I would then sell my current phone on eBay to get some of the money back. Remember, the 30 day deal is good, but the faster you send your phone, the sooner you will get paid. So what are you waiting for? Secure, convenient payment for your phone is just a few clicks away. Get a Free Online Estimate Today and See What Gazelle Can To Pay For. Some stores specialize in buying locked, blacklisted, and funded phones. Learn more about how to sell a phone that you still owe money on. We all buy cell phones and tablets, regardless of whether they were bought in the Carphone Warehouse or not. Once we receive your phone and make sure it is in the specified condition, we will process the payment to you on the same day. If you have decided to transfer, you will receive it within 3-5 working days. The resale value of your old phone depends on things like: I'm on a 24 month contract with Vodafone for about 14 months and I'm bored with my phone so I want to change it.

They said I could prepay the remaining 10 months to get out of it. But I'm not interested in that. They don't let me take an early early upgrade either, although I've offered to pay a little more per month. The amount you can get for your old phone is dropping all the time - by as much as $ 100 a year, in fact. Fortunately, CompareMyMobile allows you to freeze your listing for up to two weeks until you're ready to sell. Getting big bucks on your old phone is great, but in addition to that, when you recycle your old phone you are helping the environment. E-waste can be a major problem when electronic goods are improperly disposed of because the materials inside can be harmful to the environment. When you recycle an old cell phone or other electronic device through SellCell, you can be sure that it will be processed in an environmentally friendly way. The cell phone buyer you sell it to will either resell it to someone looking for a used phone or if it has no value they will disassemble it and dispose of all components in an environmentally friendly method. Either way, you can be sure it won't land in the landfill. In fact, since SellCell was launched, it has helped millions of phones and electronic devices be recycled in an environmentally friendly way, so we're happy to take most types of cell phones. We even take damaged and non-working devices.

3. All entries will automatically be entered in the raffle. To unsubscribe, please send an email to [email protected] In addition to working phones, we also pay cash for all types of broken phones, including phones that won't turn on or have moderate damage such as a broken screen or case. We can recycle for free any phones that have been badly damaged e.g. B. where the housing is smashed or the interiors are exposed. Remember, you're swapping one carrier contract for another, which might be fine when all you want is a new phone and carrier, but it might not be ideal if you're trying to cut your bills . It's really win-win. You get money for your old phones and help the environment! 14. CPW reserves the right to withdraw or change the terms of this offer at any time.

Changes will be posted on our website at 7. If the device contains a SIM card, you must remove the SIM card and accessories before you can exchange them. We are not liable for any consequences that you do not remove the SIM card or accessories, including payments related to the device or the SIM card.