Why are people of different colors

Why people see different colors in a photo

But why do people see colors so differently? The eye expert and private lecturer Toam Katz M.D., Specialist in Ophthalmology and Medical Director CARE Vision Germany, knows the solution and explains why a pair of flip-flops is making the internet boil.

For some, the flip flops are clearly white and gold, for others they are definitely blue and black. Why do we see the colors so differently?

Toam Katz M.D .:How we perceive colors depends on many different factors. Some of them are directly related to the object itself: depending on how strongly the flip flops are lit, whether the light comes from the front, behind or the side, the colors are reflected differently.

It also influences our perception whether the slippers are standing next to another colored object or whether their surface itself produces a certain color spectrum.

The solution, why some see white-gold and others blue-black flip-flops, also lies in ourselves: Our visual impressions depend on our eyes and visual experiences. One can say: We see the world as it was useful to us in the past. Humans are used to adapting their vision to the different colors and shades of daylight. This individual color correction is also responsible for the fact that we perceive colors differently. For some people, the more golden tones are calculated out - the slippers appear blue and black. With others it is the blue tones - they then see white and gold.

And what are the right colors now? Like manufacturer Havaianas Buzzfeed Confirmed, the flip flops are in the photo dark and light blue.