Can I export goods without VAT?

Invoices abroad: sale of goods to third countries

In this blog article we explain the most important points that you should consider when issuing invoices abroad (outside the EU) with regard to goods. With professional invoicing software, you can ensure that you are generating correct invoices.

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Selling your goods abroad can be a lucrative business for you. You can increase your level of awareness, expand your clientele and improve your image. Sounds good, does not it? Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs shy away from taking this profitable step, as there are a few things that have to be considered. There are often ambiguities, especially when it comes to delivery, tax treatment and invoicing.

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Invoices with or without VAT?

The export of goods outside the EU is always tax exemptregardless of whether your customer is a private person or a company. These are so-called tax-free exports.

However, in order to be considered as such, material requirements must be met and evidence must be submitted.

Material requirements

When it comes to the material requirements, a distinction is made between shipping or transporting the goods Delivery itself or from customer or customers.

Sends or transports the supplier the goods, the goods must reach the third country, regardless of whether the customer is based there or not.

Sends or fetches the customer the goods themselves, the goods must reach the third country and the customer must be based abroad (third country or EU country).


In addition to the material requirements to be met, as an entrepreneur you must also be able to prove these. The obligation to provide evidence is divided into a double verification:

  • Evidence of evidence
  • Proof of booking

What else has to be on the bill

In addition to the general requirements of an invoice, the reason for the tax exemption must be stated. Such a note could be “tax free export”. A sales tax identification number is not required for sales outside the EU.

Do not forget to list the services separately in the advance VAT return and return. You can claim the VAT invoiced by your upstream supplier as input tax.

As with all tax law matters, there are unfortunately countless exceptions and special regulations, which we have not discussed in detail here.

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