Which foods are banned worldwide

Incredible! These foods are banned in some countries

As the travel portal Travelbook shows, there are some foods around the world whose sale is punishable in some countries. Most of them are part of our normal everyday life. Some of the bans are hygienic, but sometimes ethical or religious factors also play a role, and in certain cases there are even safety concerns.

Raw milk
In Canada it is forbidden to buy fresh milk directly from the farmer. Milk that has not been heated may be drunk, but not sold. The reason is possible pathogens, which are only killed by the pasteurization process. In total, there is also a sales ban in 24 of the 50 US states. It is also illegal to sell raw milk in Scotland and Australia, as is cheese made from untreated milk. This includes varieties such as Parmesan, Emmentaler or Camembert.

Children's surprise
The popular candy for children is absolutely banned in the United States - and has been since the beginning. Sweets with an "inedible object" included have been illegal in the United States since 1938. The import of surprise eggs or similar items is also prohibited. Violations result in a hefty fine.

Foie gras
The foie gras, which is extremely popular in France, is strictly forbidden in India. The production method, in which the animals are forcibly fattened by forcibly ramming pipes into the esophagus, so that a so-called fatty liver develops, is regarded there as very cruel. Therefore, the sale, as well as the import, is absolutely illegal.

chewing gum
Chewing gum may only be chewed in Singapore for therapeutic purposes, such as giving up smoking or for special oral hygiene. Import and consumption are taboo. Spitting the therapeutic chewing gum on the street is also a punishable offense.

Poppy seeds
Breakfast rolls, pastries, cakes or other desserts - the black seeds are very popular in this country. However, like chewing gum, poppy seeds are a criminal offense in Singapore. The reason is the opiates it contains. These can be found on the Central Drug Administration's index, as well as in Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Scottish specialty, which consists of a sheep stomach filled with liver, heart, lungs and kidney fat, is not to everyone's taste. The onions, pepper and oatmeal don't help either. However, it is not prohibited in this country. In the USA, however, it is, because the sale of sheep lung is prohibited there. (Travelbook / MJ)