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 Luke 12[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][42][43][44][45][46][47][48][49][50][51][52][53][54][55][56][57][58][59] Do not be afraid of people!1 Hundreds, even thousands, flocked together and the crush became ominous. But at first Jesus only said to his disciples: “Beware of the Pharisees and their hypocrisy, for it is like leaven that leavenes all bread. 2 The time will soon come when the hidden will come to light and all secrets will be revealed. 3 What you say in secret will all be known, and what you whisper behind closed doors will be heard by all.  4 My friends! Do not be afraid of the people who can kill you, but no longer. 5 Rather, fear God, for he can kill you and throw you into hell. Yes, fear him alone! 6 What is the value of a sparrow on the roof? You can buy five of them for a bargain price. Yet God does not forget a single one of them. 7 With you, even the hair on your head is all numbered. So don't be afraid! You are worth more to God than a whole flock of sparrows!  8 I say this to you: whoever professes me before men, the Son of man will also acknowledge him before the angels. 9 But whoever does not stand by me before men, the Son of man will not stand before the angels of God either. 10 Whoever insults the Son of Man can be forgiven. But whoever insults the Holy Spirit will never find forgiveness.  11 If you are interrogated in front of judges and rulers in the synagogues, do not worry about what to say or how to defend yourself! 12 For the Holy Spirit will give you the right word at the right time. "  The poor rich man13 Then one of the crowd shouted: "Teacher, tell my brother to share our inheritance fairly with me." 14 But Jesus rejected him: "Am I your judge or your mediator in inheritance disputes?" 15 Then he turned to everyone: “Beware of greed! No matter how much money someone has, they can't buy their life with it. " 16 Using an example, he explained to his audience what he meant by that:   “A rich landowner had a particularly good harvest. 17 He thought, 'Where should I put everything? My barns are full; nothing goes in there. ' 18 He decided, 'I'm going to tear down the old barns and build new ones, so big that I can put all the grain, yes, everything I have in there. 19 Then I want to retire. I've taken care of it for a long time. Now I'm going to be fine. I want to eat and drink well and enjoy my life! ' 20 But God said to him: 'You fool! You will die this night. Then who will get all of the wealth you have amassed? ' 21 So it will be for everyone who collects riches on earth but stands empty-handed before God. "  Do not worry22 Jesus said to his disciples: “Do not worry about your livelihood, food or clothing. 23 Life is more than just eating and drinking, and people are more important than their clothes.  24 Look at the ravens! They sow nothing and reap nothing, they have no storerooms and no barns; but God takes care of them. Don't you think that you are much more important to him? 25 And no matter how much you worry, you cannot extend your life for a moment. 26 But if you can't even do that, what do you care about all the other things? 27 Look at how the lilies bloom! You can neither spin nor weave. I tell you, even King Solomon, in all his glory, was not dressed as splendidly as one of those flowers. 28 If God even lets the grass grow so beautifully, which is green in the meadow today but will be burned tomorrow, how could he forget you? Do you trust God so little?  29 So stop worrying about what to eat and drink! 30 Such things are only dealt with by people who do not know God. Your Heavenly Father knows perfectly well that you need all of this. 31 Above all, worry about God's new world, then He will provide you with everything else.  32 You little flock, you don't need to be afraid of the future! For the Father wants to give you his kingdom. 33 Sell ​​your property and give the money to the poor! In this way collect a supply that does not grow old and can never perish, a treasure in heaven. No thief can steal this treasure and no moth can eat it. 34 Where your treasures are, there your heart will also be. "  The Lord comes unexpectedly: "Be ready!"35
36 “Live like servants waiting for their master to come back from a wedding. Be on duty like them, and keep your lamps lit. When their master comes back and knocks, they can quickly open to him. 37 Yes, everyone can be happy whom the Lord meets awake on his return! I tell you, the Lord will ask you to take a seat at the table, and he himself will put on an apron and serve you.  38 Maybe he'll come late in the evening, maybe not until midnight. But when he comes and finds his servants ready, they will have every reason to be happy.  39 One thing is certain: if the landlord knew when a thief was about to break into his home, he would stay awake and protect himself from the burglar.  40 So be ready at all times, for the Son of Man will come just when you least expect it. "  41 Then Peter asked him: "Lord, do these words only apply to us, or do you mean all people by them?" 42 Jesus, the Lord, replied, “How does a wise and reliable steward behave? His master has given him responsibility for all employees; he should provide them with everything they need at all times. 43 This manager can call himself happy if his master finds him conscientiously at work on his return. 44 I tell you this: he will give responsibility for all his possessions to such a reliable man.  45 But if a manager is unreliable and quietly thinks: 'Oh what, it will definitely be a long time before my master comes' and he starts beating his co-workers, feasting and getting drunk, 46 then the return of his master will take him completely by surprise. His master comes when he doesn't expect it. He will severely punish the untrustworthy steward and give him the reward the wicked deserve.  47 The steward who knows the will of his master but deliberately does not follow it will be severely punished. 48 On the other hand, those who do wrong without knowing it will get away with a lighter penalty. So much is expected of everyone who has received a lot; because if a lot has been entrusted to you, you ask all the more. "  Consequences of the Succession49 “I came to start a fire on earth. How glad I would be if it was going to burn! 50 But before that, I have to suffer hardships. It is a great burden for me until everything is done.  51 Just don't mean that I came to bring peace to earth! No, I bring an argument. 52 From now on a family will fall apart for my sake: 53 the father with the son and the son with the father, the mother with the daughter and the daughter with the mother; the mother-in-law with the daughter-in-law and the daughter-in-law with the mother-in-law. "  Realize what is important54 Then Jesus spoke to everyone again: “When the clouds come from the west, you say, 'There is rain,' and it is true. 55 When the wind blows from the south, you say, 'It's getting hot,' and you're right. 56 You hypocrites! You can predict the weather from the signs in the sky. Then why can't you judge what is happening before your eyes today?  57 Why do you refuse to see what is good and right?  58 If you are brought to justice, do everything in your power to come to an agreement with your opponent on the way there. Otherwise the judge will sentence you and the bailiff will put you in jail. 59 And I tell you: You won't get out of there until you've paid the last of your debt. "  Chapter forward Bible translation 'The Living Book' (Hope for All)
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