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Tennis scandal : "Sad and Shocking" - Fed Cup anthem glitch

Julia Görges' tears welled up, Andrea Petkovic started an emotional speech of rage, and national coach Barbara Rittner spoke of a "scandal". Hours after the embarrassing national anthem incident at the Fed Cup guest appearance in Hawaii, the German tennis women debated the "sad and shocking moment", as team boss Rittner put it.

It was already past midnight local time when the "Hymn Gate" was still being discussed in the detached house on the grounds of the Royal Lahaina Resort, according to the delegation of the German Tennis Federation. "This is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my life," said Andrea Petkovic after her 6: 7 (10:12), 2: 6 defeat against Alison Riske. "That was the very last thing, the very last thing."

"That was the epitome of ignorance"

What angered the players of the DTB so much was a mishap that was not thought possible at the otherwise solemn opening ceremony. The soloist on the Center Court in Lahaina belted out the first stanza of the Deutschlandlied on the national anthem, which begins with the words "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles" - and which began during the Nazi era with the now banned Nazi anthem "Horst-Wessel- Song “was sung.

It was initially inexplicable to those responsible at the American tennis association that was responsible for how the fatal mistake could have come about. The hosts immediately apologized to the team, the DTB and the few German fans at the Royal Lahaina Resort. But especially the politically interested and highly emotional Petkovic found the incident unforgivable.

“That was the epitome of ignorance. We are in 2017, we are in the 21st century. And then something like that can't and shouldn't happen again, ”said Petkovic. Once in a rage, the 29-year-old Darmstadt resident continued unequivocally: “I have never felt so disrespectful in my life. If we play somewhere in Timbuktu or does the vulture know where, okay, but in America? In the 21st century? That something like this happens is really significant and an absolute outrage, a cheek in my eyes. "

"I could have howled"

Shortly after eleven o'clock local time, the stadium announcer had just greeted both teams with the usual friendliness. Just a few seconds after asking the audience to stand up with the words “Please stand up for the national anthems”, the soloist began to sing directly across from the gallery.

After the first four words, the players and team supervisors looked at each other in disbelief. Görges started to cry, assistant coach Dirk Dier clapped his hands over his face in disbelief. The team and the audience voted for "Unity and Justice and Freedom", but this didn’t stand a chance against the loudspeaker-amplified voice.

For a brief moment, Petkovic thought about leaving the stadium. Rittner considered going to the other side of the square and snatching the microphone from the singer. "I couldn't believe it," said the visibly battered team boss later. “I could have howled. I was stunned how that could happen. "

The US association apologized

The fact that Görges injured his knee in the game against Coco Vandeweghe and that the match had to be canceled when the score was 3: 6, 1: 3 due to rain and postponed to Sunday fitted into the picture of a “shitty day”, as Rittner put it.

Embarrassed, the US association, USTA, distributed a message and even sent the new managing director for professional tennis, former WTA chairwoman Stacey Allaster, personally to the sparsely filled press room. “The USTA offers the German Fed Cup team and fans a sincere apology. This mistake will not happen again, "wrote the association in the short message service Twitter. (dpa)

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