My friend is shy

Frustration with shy / introverted friend

Hello dear forum members,

I've come to my limits in my partnership. I (27) met a man (20) and found him very impressive from the start. He has a lot of depth and he is surrounded by a loving calm. He was very shy from the start and it took a long time before he even talked to me. I took a year to get to know him, also because we got to know each other under certain circumstances that did not result in a romantic get-together, but above all because he just uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu quickly and only with a lot of active interest from opened to me.

I am very extroverted myself, rather independent and also very experienced in dealing with men, but I haven't had any extremely shy ones so far, but rather normal to daredevils.
We have been a couple for 6 months now. To my boyfriend, I'm his first girlfriend, I was his first kiss and everything else.
I'm pretty disappointed now. He just talks very, very little, won me zero, doesn't ask for meetings, doesn't make suggestions for activities, doesn't organize anything, no compliments, gifts, nice messages, words of encouragement when I need them - he's just very silent a lot and is always calm. I have already spoken to him calmly several times and also twice very emotionally (with a lot of howling) and told him that it bothers me, that I have to keep the whole framework, that it overwhelms me and I feel more emotional security in the relationship wishes and then made suggestions for specific behavior. His behavior was then briefly different and then back to the old one.

I feel like an ugly donkey now instead of a beautiful woman, and I'm totally exhausted from always giving and getting so little relationship in return. My friend says I am his sunshine and that he is always happy around me and feels loved and desired. He also talks a lot about his feelings now, past, etc. He has already opened up to some extent on the human level - but as a man he is completely passive.

I don't know what to do anymore, being passive on my own causes him to withdraw completely. activity that he lets himself fall but gives nothing back.
have patience and stay? separate and look again?
Has anyone had any experience in relationships with very calm, shy, and introverted men? What did your relationship look like, what was the potential for frustration, possible solutions and positives? Was there a development?

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