People lose interest in themselves

The 5 reasons men lose interest in you

It's one of the most burning questions that many readers email me:

“Why did he lose interest in me? I did everything right ... "

Unfortunately, this is often not the case. There are 5 main reasons men often lose interest in a woman they found burning interesting a few days ago.

These 5 reasons and what you should change, I'll tell you today in this article.

I advise you to take a few minutes to really read this slightly longer article (especially the fourth point) as it will open your eyes to why many men are losing interest in you.

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1. You are too needy ...

... and that's a huge attractiveness killer.

I can understand that you want to have as much contact with him as possible - be it face to face or via WhatsApp - if you always answer him immediately, try to spend every free moment with him and plan your life around him, he will lose interest in you.

Don't get me wrong, however, that now doesn't mean "Only write back to him 3 hours later from now on".

Making yourself artificially rare can just as well backfire.

Rather, you should just make sure that you don't leave everything just because he has just written to you.

If you're working on something, watching a series, or out with a friend, you can just wait until you're no longer busy with the answer.

It is, of course, similar if he asks you “Are you planning something for this evening?” And you are actually already scheduled. You shouldn't simply cancel your meeting with your friends, your gym visit or a differently planned evening just because he has time.

If you have nothing to do, you can of course answer him directly or meet him spontaneously. Remember that it's not about letting go, it's about respecting your own time.

Which brings us to the next point ...

2. Your life is boring ...

Put simply: you are boring.

And apart from him, you have no interests of your own. You are stuck in a routine, not allowing yourself to leave your comfort zone and live life to the full.

In order to stay interested in you, you have to be interesting too.

If you're just getting off work, the new one Bachelor-Follow or tell any rumors about the Royals, it will get bored quickly and keep your eyes open for a woman who experiences things.

Allow yourself to try new things and leave your comfort zone. This is the only way to have really exciting things to tell.

The good thing is that it doesn't have to be crazy activities like a parachute jump, but things like going to a concert, a new restaurant or neon mini-golf can be exciting enough. Definitely better than talking to him about who was crying at GNTM ...

Remember: He wants to get to know you and find out what defines you.

Tell him about your dreams, about the exciting moments in your life, about what you love, what drives you and about unusual experiences.

If you don't even know what you want and who you exactly are, I recommend this article:Find out who you really are with these 27 questions!

These questions will help you get to know yourself better!

Continue in the text ...

# 3 You are unsure ...

Insecurity manifests itself in different behaviors.

The most common ways women show their own insecurity is when they gossip about other women, have to constantly reassure themselves that they look good, or worry (unfounded) about the relationship

Once a guy realizes that this behavior is a huge part of your personality, he is likely to lose interest in you.

Most good Men like self-confident women who don't have to constantly compare themselves to others and ask whether the outfit looks good on them.

If you know you are great, he will agree that you are great too.

Reading tip: This is how you increase your self-esteem!

# 4 You act like an ice princess ...

Do you remember the first reason ("You are too needy?")?

This point is exactly the opposite and a mistake that more and more women are making. No wonder, because most mainstream magazines and many “dating coaches” give totally wrong tips.

Here some examples…

  • Let him fidget after the first date ...
  • Don't tell him you think he's good ...
  • Wait until the 5th date until you let him on ...
  • Do not write him the first thing ...
  • Flirt with other men while he's at it ...

If you think any of these tips work, I'm sorry to tell you that you are completely wrong.

I don't know when “playing games all the time” started, but it's getting more and more. And it doesn't help anyone.

There are more and more singles because most of them are busy making themselves aloof - this applies to both sexes.

That is why I advise you to throw away all the idiotic “tips” and listen to your gut instinct.

If you…

  • want to write to him after the first date that you had a very good time ...
  • think he's really great and want to tell him that you think his eyes are beautiful ...
  • you are drawn to him and want to sleep with him ...
  • miss him and want to write to your guy ...
  • only have eyes for him and you want to ignore all other men ...

Then you should do that too!

There's no point in ignoring your own gut instincts and desires because some self-proclaimed love expert has told you that you can't do something.

Think about it…

Wouldn't you also be happy if he told you that he thinks you are great, only has eyes for you and text you when he misses you?


Being honest with one another from the start is the first step in creating a successful and fulfilling relationship.

And from my own experience, I can tell you that most men sense when a woman uses these silly tactics.

Believe me as soon as a guy is yours Games noticed, your attraction to him will suddenly disappear.

So don't be an unapproachable ice princess playing games, but be yourself and let your gut instinct guide you to win his heart.

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# 5 You make it too easy for him ...

Surprisingly, the fastest way to lose a guy is to give him everything he wants.

If you make it too easy for him, he will lose interest in you faster than you can imagine ...


Hardly any man can appreciate a woman who always presents herself to him on a silver platter. Despite all of evolution, men have the desire to conquer women and win them over.

And if you make it too easy for him, he won't feel the satisfaction of having conquered you.

If you give him everything he wants without hesitation, the conquest feels empty and fake. Likewise, you seem so easily desperate and too easy for him to have.

That's why you should learn to say no and only surrender to it bit by bit - without looking like an ice princess.

So let him wait for "something" (even if it's only a few minutes), ... Because later he will thank you. After all, anticipation is the best joy.

Remember the following sentence about this tip:

If you provide a man with undeserved satisfaction, you will be able to watch the relationship go down the drain - so let him work for your love and affection.


A large part of the dating tips that are floating around the Internet or that you have picked up elsewhere are rather detrimental to your love happiness. Therefore, you should quickly forget about them.

Focus mainly on your gut instinct, as it has put us on the right track for millennia.

However, you can use this sentence as a rough guide ...

Live your own exciting life that is fun even without a man by your side, and don't play games with him just because someone advised you to pretend.

A woman who is steadfast in life, is confident and understands men is incredibly attractive.

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