What are some causes of suicidal thoughts

II. Why people take their own lives


1. It makes sense to distinguish between cause and cause:

Occasions or triggers are oftenEventsthat happened immediately before the suicide act and put the person in acrisis fall:
Failure experiences in studies or work, lovesickness, disappointment in a friendship and the like.
But it would be too short-sighted to be satisfied with an occasion as an explanation or with theMotive that the person concerned mentionsto be satisfied.

causes are usually enoughfar into the personal life story back, they can be in social isolation, physical illness or mental impairment. You may be the victimnot at all aware and can often only be experienced with the help of a specialist.

2. Subjectively, those at risk experience that they:

  • have no more joy in life
  • no longer want to be a burden to others
  • Feeling lonely or superfluous
  • want to punish themselves out of an unbearable feeling of guilt
  • longing for peace and security in death, after the end of all efforts, pain and suffering
  • thus set an appeal that can range from a desperate call for help to a memorandum that one wants to miss with it.


3. Not all those affected are equally at risk of committing suicide.

Austria's best-known expert in suicide prevention, Prof. Sonneck, clearly distinguishes some groups with a particularly high suicide rate, which are to be classified in the following order in terms of the extent of the risk:

  • Alcohol, drug and drug addicts (cf.Addiction)
  • Individuals who have been subjected to a suicide notice and
  • those who have attracted attention through a suicide attempt.


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