What is ldk chat on Instagram

What does the abbreviation IDK mean? We explain the meaning


Have you come across the abbreviation "IDK" on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and don't know what it means? We'll tell you what the abbreviation stands for and how you can use it correctly.

What does "IDK" mean?

Internet forums, in particular, are full of abbreviations in order to communicate more quickly and precisely. An abbreviation that is often used is IDK or idk. The abbreviation comes from English and means "I don't know", which in the German translation means something like "I don't know" or "No idea". In German, "kp" is also used for this.

So if you have several chats on the Internet in which people ask you questions that you have no idea about, or at the moment don't know the answer, just use the abbreviation. This saves you a long explanation or a series of guesses about the question asked. Or you just refer them to "LMGTFY".

"IDK": The abbreviation and its meaning - this is how it is used

So if someone asks you in the chat "Do you know how many followers your BFF has?" Then you can quickly and easily abbreviate it with idk and the other person will know that you have no idea or have no answer to this question. If your chat partner keeps pestering you with annoying questions that he could have answered quickly with a Google search, you can also use the abbreviations GIDF or GIYF.

Be careful when using the abbreviation, because it should not be confused with IDC or idc, as this acronym has a completely different meaning and can only be used in a different context.

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