Could the Borg assimilate the Calamarain?

What would a Borg do if assimilated a Q?

"They gave up being Q before they had me."

"A small point, I would have thought, considering how you turned out."

"Don't think I didn't ask my advisor when I found out you didn't even have to check Beyond Temporal Mechanics. Q insisted that my dubious parentage actually made it imperative that I meet several requirements that most Q don't once endured. "

"Poor Q."

"Do not call me that."

"This is your name."

"The rest of them can call me what they want, but if it's just you and me ..."

"Good. Poor Amanda."

"Thank you, junior."

"Never ... oh, never mind. I thought you would understand, but obviously ..."

"No, I'm really curious. Your death is a fixed time. What does that mean?"

"In every conceivable timeline that it exists in, it dies at about the same instant."

"Under the same circumstances?"


"That sounds threatening."

"I know. There's actually a timeline where the developed cube never makes it into the alpha quadrant, and that's where she slips out of her bathtub and accidentally drowns."

"Now you're just teasing me."

"It's not me. It's like the multiverse has it for you in a way that I've always been taught it wasn't possible."

"Fixed points in time are big things, not small ones. They do not correlate with the existence of a single mortal being. For example, all major world wars on a planet. Massive interstellar conflicts. The focus in a given timeline can be slightly different, but with or without the actions or absence of an individual occur at fixed times anyway. They are part of the larger fabric of space-time, the culmination of energies and events beyond what we normally consider cause and effect. "

"Thank you for the refresher course, but the concept is pretty much the same as the name: fixed point in time."

"I say there has never been the death of a single mortal, let alone the death of a person who was classified as a fixed point in time."

"And yet hers is."


"And it's getting worse."


"I'm pretty sure it wasn't always like this."

"But if it wasn't always that way, it would mean that there is a timeline in which she did not die, and if that were the case, her death would not be a fixed point in time."

"What I'm saying is that now her death is a fixed time, but for most of my existence I don't think it was."

"And how can you know that?"

"Not me. It's just ... a feeling."

"Did you ask your father about it?"

"Many times."


"And he told me to leave it alone. Sometimes things happen for reasons that are beyond our control and that we have to accept."

"Your father said that."

"I know. Doesn't sound exactly like him, does it?"

"Your father? The Q who was kicked off the continuum for grossly abusing his powers how many times?"

"Yes, but they always ask him to come back, don't they?"

"Wait ... we're Q, aren't we? The last time I checked we didn't have to accept anything. It's part of the whole almighty thing, isn't it?"

"He assured me that to intervene at a scheduled time like this would bring so much chaos into the multiverse that even the entire continuum might not contain it."


"I know."

"So what are you going to do about it?"