What is RCC drawing

Metal halide lamp ceramic burner, RCC-TC 70W / WDL / 230 / G8.5

Mini HM lamp with ceramic burner, clear tube, light color WDL, base G8.5. Operation in a closed luminaire, with ballast and igniter.
    RCC-TC 70W / WDL / 230 / G8.5
    Metal halide lamp without reflector

    73.0 W
    81 kWh
    3.6 to 5.0
    12 µF
    sluggish; min.2x nominal current

    Lighting parameters

    Warm white de luxe

    15000 h

    4.2 mg

    Base overview

    IEC / EN 60061-1
    Sheet 7004-122-1

    Spectral radiation distribution

    Since daylight is a mixture of direct sunlight and light from the sky, its spectral composition changes constantly due to the time of day and weather. The standard illuminant D65 corresponds to daylight with a color temperature of approximately 6500 K.
    Each type of discharge lamp has an individual spectral radiation distribution that corresponds to its filling. This then results in such important properties as light color or color rendering. If the spectral lines are close together, the lamp probably has a very good color rendering index, i.e. Ra close to 100. If the spectrum looks more like individual lines or frayed, the lamp's color rendering is usually not that good. If the number and height of the spectral lines predominate in the blue range (around 450nm), it is probably a rather cold light color such as daylight. If, on the other hand, the red (around 700 nm) or the red and yellow (around 600 nm) range predominates, one can assume a rather warm light color such as WDL.
    When starting up metal halide lamps, the full luminous flux is reached after approx. 2-4 minutes, then all the colors in the spectrum shine.
    Visible range from 380 to 780 nm; Image height corresponds to the relative spectral emission (400mW / klm) per 10nm.

    RCC ... / WDL

    Daylight (D 65)


    Please dispose of separately,
    not to household waste!

    General information

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