Are the students in SUTD visionaries

Visionary thinking and design

The BURG offers artistically working people a broad spectrum of subject-specific and theoretical teaching and a place where they can test and professionalize their skills in intellectual exchange and practical cooperation with university lecturers and fellow students. Today more than 1,000 students are enrolled at the university, which was founded in 1915.

Visionary thinking and design beyond the context of exploitation are encouraged, freedom is offered and individual and stubborn paths are encouraged. With their ideas and works, their visions and positions, the students should contribute to the social discourse as responsible, independent individuals capable of criticism. A broad-based basic training in theory and practice, well-equipped laboratories and workshops, research and project plans - also in cooperation with institutions and companies - and interdisciplinary networks and discourses provide the framework.

The studies

In the art department, the BURG offers eleven courses in painting / graphics, sculpture and art / teaching. The course concludes with a diploma; in the art / teaching degree course, graduates receive the first state examination.

The standard period of study is 10 semesters, of which 4 semesters are completed in the basic course and 6 semesters in the main course. Through the two-year teaching of the basics in the basic course, the students receive the starting point for an intensive study in their chosen course. The basics are studied in an interdisciplinary manner across all courses.

Fixed studio spaces are available to all students, where they can experiment and explore their own formal language. Every year in mid-July, at the end of the academic year, the work rooms are transformed into exhibition rooms in which the projects and works are presented for the annual exhibition.

International network of the castle

The university promotes exchange and maintains contacts with numerous art and design universities around the world. The course is complemented by the cooperation with partners from culture, business and private or public institutions.

Network Europe

The Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle is integrated into various international networks. She has a wide range of contacts in Western Europe and with universities in Central and Eastern Europe. As part of the ERASMUS program, the Burg maintains cooperation agreements with 53 partner schools in 20 countries within Europe, for example with art schools in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, France, Greece, Italy and Norway , the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Great Britain, Turkey and Portugal.

Cumulus composite

Burg has been a partner in the Cumulus network of European universities since spring 2005. Cumulus is a network of 165 art and design colleges. The aim of the universities involved is to generate a dynamic and fl exible academic forum that links the best international training institutes with one another. International projects, the easy change between universities and the exchange of students are in the foreground.


The castle is a member of ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts).

International cooperation

The castle also cooperates directly with a large number of art schools outside Europe, for example in Canada, Japan, the USA, China, India, Vietnam and Cuba.

Our partner universities in the Erasmus program

Our partner schools in the promos program