How do you talk at home?

A lot of creativity is required now, otherwise it will quickly get boring without friends.

Tips and ideas for families

Home office, homeschooling, quarantine, homework and childcare - and possibly everything at the same time - that is extremely challenging for all family members and hardly manageable. Ideas and mood can fall by the wayside.

We have put together a selection of websites with interesting suggestions and tips for children, adolescents and parents so that there is variety and fun in everyday life, boredom is avoided as far as possible and nerves remain strong.

Also in ours Calendar of events there are corona-compatible events - online, live or via streaming.

Do handicrafts, research, read, play, listen and watch

Link collections with tips, apps, learning platforms, videos and advice

School and home learning

Sports at home

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Staying at home because of Corona - a challenge for families. Here you will find tips and suggestions against boredom and camp fever.