Working substitute teachers in the summer

Temporary workers from different types of schools (substitute teachers, team teachers)

In order to work as a substitute teacher, a successfully completed teaching degree (first and second state examination) is required. In individual cases, possibly also at the special needs schools, subject-specific needs can also be met with graduates from other relevant university courses. In the area of ​​vocational schools, masters and technicians from relevant disciplines or similarly trained persons can also be considered in order to cover practical specialist lessons.

Applicants with the following qualifications can apply to work as a team teacher in the 2020/2021 school year (special corona situation):

  • People with a completed teaching degree (1st and 2nd state examination) from all types of schools,
    • who do not receive a job offer for the state school service for the 2020/21 school year (attention: full recruitment in elementary, middle and special schools - therefore no recruitment option for teachers of these types of schools) and also
    • are not employed by a municipal or private school authority.

Depending on the teaching qualification and subject connection, fully trained teachers can also work without “team support”.

  • People with another university degree (Master, Magister, Diploma, also Bachelor; other state exams)
  • Teacher training students in higher semesters can also work as team teachers.

Pedagogical skills, communicative talent and the ability to work in a team are just as beneficial as experience from child and youth work.

In addition to professional qualifications, you must of course also have personal reliability and integrity.

The headmasters decide on the suitability and the professional competence required for use in the classroom. In the area of ​​elementary and secondary schools, the schools work together with the school authorities.