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Compensation for psychological damage: impairment of mind and soul

Loneliness makes you sick! About as much as that Smoking 15 cigarettes a day. A healthy psyche is therefore essential for a long, contented life. But the stresses that mind and soul have to withstand in a modern performance society are constantly increasing.

It has been increasing for years Length of incapacity for work due to mental illness continuously. While in 2006 an average of 27 sick days were due to such disorders, in 2016 this was already the case 35 days of incapacity for work.

If the cause is caused by a third party, the injured party may under certain circumstances personal injury compensation receive. Psychological damage, for example in the form of depression, can be just as much as physical pain compensation entail.

This guide has all the important facts about this claim basis ready for you.

Specific information on compensation for mental health problems

Compensation for injured psyche

Not just a broken jaw, ankle fracture or a concussion if they were inflicted on the victim by another person, for example through an accident, according to ยง 253 of the German Civil Code (BGB) compensation after itself, but that Compensation for pain and suffering also covers psychological damage.

Such psychological impairments are typical, for example, as a result of bullying, the (humiliating) violation of the intimate sphere or witnessing an accident or the death of a loved one. The following diseases can cause mental and emotional pain, among other things:

  • Psychoses like schizophrenia
  • depressions
  • Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
  • insomnia
  • Personality disorders
  • post-traumatic stress

But not only psychological damage justifies such a claim, but also serious personal injuries. So the person concerned can z. B. Demand compensation for defamation if his reputation has been degraded by assertions of fact that are not demonstrably true. Compensation can even be claimed for lost vacation time or lost vacation enjoyment.

While physical impairments, such as an eye injury or a leg amputation, the Causality between the damaging event and the injury can usually be proven well, this is usually more difficult when it comes to compensation for psychological damage. Nonetheless, an injured party occurs here as well Right to compensation for his immaterial lossthat he can enforce alone or with the help of a lawyer. Means psychological report the injured party must then prove that the damaging event was the cause of the mental illness.

Amount of compensation for pain and suffering for psychological damage

How much compensation for pain and suffering results in psychological damage is always measured by Individual case and is from the Severity of the disorder as well as all accompanying circumstances and the complexity of the therapy.

Provide guidance for the attorney or plaintiff Tables for compensation for pain and sufferinglisting past judgments. See one here non-binding overviewwhich shows the sums of money that can be paid for psychological damage after an accident or other damaging events.

InjuryAmount of compensation for psychological damageCourt, year, decision
Anxiety, hallucinations, delusions after cervical spine syndromeapprox. 41,000 eurosOLG Celle, 1997, Az. 5 U 327/96
post-traumatic stress disorder after traffic accident30,000 eurosOLG Schleswig, 2009, Az. 7 U 76/07
Fear of death after being hit with an axapprox. 5,000 eurosOLG Hamm, 1996, Az. 6 U 55/96
Shock with subsequent depression and thoughts of suicideapprox. 3,000 eurosAG Augsburg, 1995, Az. 13 C 2892/95
Anxiety and depressive reactions to telephone terrorismapprox. 260 eurosLG Hagen, 1996, Az. 1 S 14/96
If you are unsure, always contact a lawyer who will be at your side after the accident or crime and who will enforce the claims of your stress disorder or other mental illness.
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Compensation for psychological damage: impairment of mind and soul
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