Is design a good career


If you like to work creatively, always have good ideas and always want to create something new, the profession of designer might suit you. The disciplines are extremely different - we will explain to you what options there are.

Fashion design

That's what it's about: As a fashion designer, you usually work for fashion manufacturers. You can rarely earn your money with your own clothing line. You know the current trends and customer needs, so you know which of your ideas are promising. After a rough sketch, you develop a detailed drawing. Then you make a model by hand. If your employer likes it, it goes into production.
You need this: A feeling for colors, shapes, materials, proportions and dimensions. In addition, a certain skill in using needle, thread, sewing machine and pencil.
Way to the goal: Study or school education
Alternatives:Fashion manager, textile and clothing technician, costume designer

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Photo design

That's what it's about:Photo designers are digital photography professionals. You work either in photo studios or independently, depending on the client and chosen focus with a focus on media, advertising, technology, information or industry. They draft design concepts, prepare photo shoots (backgrounds, props, lighting), know when which camera systems are used and how they then have to process the images with the appropriate software.
You need this: A good eye for motifs, details and situations. A prerequisite is a great interest in image processing, exposure, sharpness and camera technology. You should also like to plan and conceptualize. As a professional photographer, teamwork and media law are also important.
Way to the goal: Study or school education
Alternatives: Communication designer (apprenticeship or degree), photographer, photo media specialist

Product design

There is both an apprenticeship and a degree in product design.
That's what it's about: As a product designer, you design industrially manufactured products such as furniture or household appliances. You take care of planning, conception and design. If you like your sketches and drafts, you create a three-dimensional data model and prepare a sample. If everyone involved agrees, your idea goes into mass production.
You need this: You have to be familiar with shapes, colors and materials. In addition, knowledge of ergonomics, aesthetics and consumer behavior are crucial in your job. In addition to a talent for drawing, an interest in technology and computers is an advantage.
Way to the goal: Study or training
Alternatives: Jewelry designer, textile designer, designer specializing in product design

Interior design

That's what it's about: If you want to redecorate your four walls, you can hire an interior designer. His job is to design rooms practically and aesthetically according to customer requirements. He gives the walls a new look, selects home textiles, chooses new furniture and sets accents with light and decorative objects. And always in such a way that the result matches the personality of the customer.
You need this: A feeling for colors, shapes and materials. Spatial imagination is also important, as is a good understanding of people. You should also be skilled in your craft, after all, from time to time you have to pick up a brush and hammer yourself.
Way to the goal: Education
Alternatives: Interior designer, exhibition designer, interior decorator, designer for visual marketing

Further subjects

Game design: You design the graphics of a video game and take care of the theoretical conception of the game world, the story and the characters.

Graphic design: You design advertising material, e.g. posters, advertisements or brochures. To do this, you work closely with your client or colleague so that the final product has the perfect effect on your target group. There is a degree and an apprenticeship for this profession.

Communication design / web design: You create websites on the internet. Among other things, you will take care of the design, its structure and user guidance.

Jewelry design: You make beautiful pieces of jewelry that your customers will like. You will either design individual pieces or samples for the series production of rings, chains, earrings or other jewelry.

Study education

New students interested in design can choose from around 200 courses in Germany. Most of them are located at private or state universities of applied sciences. The standard is a Bachelor of Arts degree; some universities offer design as a diploma course. The spectrum ranges from general design studies to highly specialized courses such as virtual design or transportation design.

Those who prefer training will find what they are looking for at private training providers or state vocational schools. The school education lasts three years. There is no training allowance. With private providers, the training is chargeable. There are design training courses in the fields of photography, media, graphics, fashion and communication, among other things.

Important qualities and skills

  • Communication with customers and working with other creative minds is mostly part of the work as a designer.
  • You need an eye for details and a feel for colors, shapes and materials.
  • You should have a good knowledge of people and be able to recognize how certain visual elements affect other people (good knowledge of people).
  • Most designers first draw their designs on paper or on the computer before implementing them. Speaking of computers: You can get by in a few design professions nowadays without digital graphics, image processing or design programs.
  • You can study most of these professions at a private or state university. For some directions (e.g. fashion, photo or graphic design) there is also school education.

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