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Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Australia!

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Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Australia!

Did you know that more people die from falling coconuts in Australia than from all animal attacks combined? (Even though the list of dangerous animals is impressively long. You should definitely check out the 'deadly animal song'!)

Anyone who thinks Australians only drink Fosters is completely wrong. Fosters is mainly brewed for export, in Australia itself the beer brands Thooeys New, Victoria Bitter or XXXX Gold are drunk. However, the taste is similar. (A little tip for interns: If you want to make an Australian, e.g. your boss, really happy, bring him a German beer!)

Did you know that surfers also call the time of sunrise and sunset 'feeding time'? This is the time when sharks go hunting, so it is better not to be in the water.

Did you know that Ayers Rock can only be photographed from certain angles? Rangers guard Uluru and can impose a fine of up to $ 5,000 and erase the entire memory card on your camera.

Did you know that postcards that you send from Australia to Germany without a postage always arrive? The reason is an old agreement between the countries.

Did you know that there is more to the Sydney Opera House than just the opera? Under it is a bar - an absolute must for every intern who wants to enjoy a beer or a cocktail with a wonderful view of the Harbor Bridge and the Sydney skyline.

Australia also has its “Little Amsterdam”. Only a few kilometers from the surfer hot spot Byron Bay is Nimbin, where you can get marijuana (although the use and sale of drugs is illegal in New South Wales) because cannabis use is openly cultivated there. Therefore you will not only find various shops there, but also a hippie museum.

Did you know that in Australia the water flows in the opposite direction down the drain?

If you want to buy a mixed beer in Australia, you can look far. Australians cannot understand why we voluntarily mix beer with Cola or Fanta.

The Uluru is one of the most famous symbols of Australia, but did you know that it is not "one of a kind"? In the Australian outback there are other, almost identical mountains, which are unknown to most, but are of the greatest importance to the Aborigines.