Banks sell gold

Buying gold from banks! The right way?

There are some banks that buy and sell gold. But is the sales channel through a bank the right way? First you should consider that there has not yet been a bank that also buys gold jewelry, dental gold or silver cutlery. If banks or savings banks buy gold then only in the form of coins and bars. In addition, these coins must still be in perfect condition (also called marketable).

Goldankauf123 is the alternative to buying gold from the bank!

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The most important advantage is that Goldankauf123 simply buys everything: old and broken gold, dental gold, jewelry of all kinds, old jewelry, bars and coins (also scratched or damaged), silver cutlery, medals and simply everything made of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

In contrast to buying gold from a bank, Goldankauf123 can offer a nationwide buying service. Regardless of whether you live in a small town or a large city, you can quickly and easily start buying gold online via the website

So if you are looking to buy gold from a bank, you should definitely be looking at Gold Buying123 as well. Compare the purchase prices and then decide which company you want to place your trust in.

Other disadvantages of buying gold from the bank:

  • many banks do not pay out in cash but transfer money to an account
  • Processing times of up to a week are not uncommon
  • only purchase of coins and bars in a marketable condition
  • no opportunities to sell old or broken gold

Advantages when buying gold when buying gold123:

  • everything can be sold: from scrap gold to dental gold, coins, bars, cutlery
  • Short processing time: possible in 24 hours with turbo sales
  • damaged coins or bars can also be sold
  • online live gold calculator with gold rate fixation
  • 4 payment types

As you can see in the comparison, buying gold from a bank is not always the best way to go. Find out about other sales options such as gold purchase123 and decide based on your personal situation.