How translators translate idioms

Dictionary of idioms is different! Not a dictionary in the classic sense, but a multilingual Linguistic dictionary. For whole sentences and parts of them, for translations and synonyms.

There are common items for everyday life and travel, plus idioms, proverbs and quotes. In short: is (mostly) more than just a word - and therefore close to the use of language.

To look up translations for certain idioms, you can either feed the search mask with key words or use the alphabetical overview.

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Many soccer sayings are known for their soccer players

Or vice versa. There are football philosophers like Sepp Herberger or George Best, whose wisdom and life experience can be seen in every one of their words.

And then there is Andi Möller. We gathered a few footballer quotes and translated them into the other language. I think we thank the thinkers of football.

We have to become strong without ever losing our tenderness

The notorious communism - to this day the word "communist" is a dirty word for many. Especially for those who are ideologically closest to communism: for Christians.

What we experienced with Russia, China and the GDR was not communism, even if it was called that, it was left fascism. The violence and constraints of these systems prove this.

What Marx and Trotsky had in mind is the same as what Moses strived for with the Ten Commandments, Jesus with the Sermon on the Mount and Buddha with his teachings: the expulsion of man from hell.

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