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TMI Trade Marketing

Young company with many advantages and potential

Employee or workerAt the time of the assessment, was working in the Marketing / Product Management department at TMI Trade Marketing Intelligence in Suhr (location moved).

What would you like to praise your employer for in dealing with the corona situation?

The TMI has allowed the corona situation to come with composure. The majority of the workforce works from home. Peripheral devices could also be borrowed on request. Even before the crisis, the TMI was very well geared towards mobile working (software, hardware), so that the changeover could practically be carried out overnight.

In addition, an active effort is made to acquire new orders in order to be able to procure assignments for the on-demand employees.

Where do you see opportunities for your employer to deal better with the corona situation?

Should such a crisis arise again, clear measures should be communicated earlier.

Working atmosphere

The working atmosphere is mostly relaxed and pleasant, not least because of the casual and open teammates. The open-plan office is very pleasantly furnished and you feel comfortable while working. At peak times it can be a bit more stressful, but these are also overcome together.

Work-life balance

The possibility to work in the home office or mobile is always available in consultation with the team. There are certain peak times when certain teams are exposed to a high level of workload. Some people expect to work longer than usual there. However, these hours can later be compensated 1: 1.

Career / further education

You will be encouraged if you prove yourself and show your interest.

Environmental / social awareness

There is room for improvement here. Although the aim is to have an office that is as paperless as possible, this is not yet possible in all departments. The sorting of waste (green waste + cardboard) could still be improved.

Cohesion of colleagues

All employees who work at TMI are very open and helpful. Cohesion among colleagues is an absolute strength of the company.

Managerial behavior

The behavior of superiors differs from team to team. Basically very competent superiors who can also hand over responsibility. .

working conditions

The office is centrally located, nicely furnished and is also continuously being improved. Free coffee, dining area with microwaves and occasional tasty snacks from our customers are standard.


Top-down communication has improved a lot over the past year. The intranet is actively used to report on current events and decisions.

Interesting tasks

In certain departments, the tasks can become very repetitive. However, if an employee has special skills and dispositions, these are encouraged and additional areas of responsibility or responsibility can be assumed.

Dealing with older colleagues