How can I choose a billing software?

Writing invoices: this is important to note

Writing invoices: definition of terms

An invoice is a document that accompanies a delivery or is issued for the provision of a service. Basically, invoices are in paper form to create. Only if the invoice recipient gives his consent, the creation is also possible electronically. In this case, the invoice will be sent as a immutable PDF document via email sent.

If the invoice is sent as a fax, it is only possible to send a standard fax to a standard fax. The same requirements apply to electronic faxes as to electronic invoices. When using thermal paper for faxing, we recommend that you make a copy on plain paper to cover the ten year retention period to be observed. This is because the statutory retention periods customary in accounting apply to invoices.

This is what you need to look out for when preparing invoices

There are a few aspects that every self-employed person and every company must consider when issuing invoices. Some facilitate payment transactions, bookkeeping and auditing, others are prescribed by law.

Mandatory information:

  • Invoice recipient and invoice issuer: It must be clear from the invoice who is the recipient and who is the issuer.
  • Invoice date and invoice number: The invoice number must be consecutive. However, the format is flexible.
  • Invoice items: The position is what you specifically charge your customers. This can be articles, machine services or wages for services. The positions are to be specified clearly and in a logical order.
  • Discounts and discounts: Any reduction in the invoice amount agreed in advance must be noted on the invoice if it has not been taken into account in the invoice amount.
  • Service period: This information must show when the delivery or the service took place.
  • Disclosure of sales tax: Companies and self-employed persons who are subject to sales tax must show the value added tax on their invoice.
  • Tax number or VAT identification number: The invoice issuer's tax number or sales tax ID must be stated on every invoice.
  • Commercial register entry: Companies that are entered in the commercial register must indicate their exact address as well as the shareholders or managing directors, the commercial register number and the competent court on the invoice.
  • Payment terms: When an invoice is due in the legal sense, depends on the specified payment terms.
  • Note on retention requirements: The biller is obliged to point out for all property-related deliveries and services to private individuals that the invoice must be kept for two years.
  • Retention of title: It is possible for the biller to retain ownership of the goods until the bill has been paid in full. If the customer files for bankruptcy, the goods will not be included in the bankruptcy estate.
  • SEPA direct debit advance information (prenotification): If the invoice amount is to be collected by SEPA direct debit, companies are obliged to notify their customers of this via prenotification before collection. This can be done via the invoice.

When preparing an invoice, you need to take these points into account. Therefore it makes sense to Invoice templates that can be adapted to the circumstances every time. The DATEV invoicing program takes on this task for you. Templates and text modules can be easily created with it. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

Create and send electronic invoices

More and more companies are issuing electronic invoices. The process saves postage, printing and paper. The shipping cost is much less what Processes in the company streamlined. However, legal requirements must also be observed here. This includes, for example, that an electronic signature guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the content. The mandatory information for an electronic invoice is the same as for the paper form.

As a rule, electronic invoices are sent as an attachment to an email and in the form of a PDF document. The transmission can also take place via a DE-Mail, via a computer fax, as a download on the website or via electronic data exchange. The electronic exchange of incoming and outgoing invoices means for companies significant savings. This not only applies to the writing of invoices, but also to their receipt and filing.

Via the DATEV online portal SmartTransfer invoices, credit notes and reminders can be easily sent. That's what you stand for different formats available, which you select according to the needs of your business partner. The same goes for the receipts. You will receive these in the format that you need for processing.

In addition, DATEV SmartTransfer the simple and fast data exchange with your tax advisor about DATEV Company online. The sent and received invoices can be viewed directly from the portal Company online transfer and store there. The tax advisor accesses the data there and can check it.

Play it safe when writing invoices

With an invoice program from DATEV you can send or receive electronic invoices easily and securely. Because: This software checks, signs and archives electronic invoices. This will avoid mistakes that are easy to make when you use programs like Microsoft Excel that are not dedicated invoicing software. So you are well prepared when a tax auditor checks the input tax deduction for each of your electronic invoices.

DATEV offers various software solutions for companies that you can use to create invoices and store your documents. Our Make programs easier They enable you to write offers and invoices and enable you to maintain data on prices and customers centrally and to manage digital documents in a structured manner. This makes it easy to see how many offers and invoices are still open.

Different solutions for different needs

The billing software is Additional modules to DATEV company online. They are each tailored to the different needs of a company. This is how DATEV is suitable Order management online for companies that work at several locations and want to access the data at any time and that only have one price list. In contrast, DATEV partially fulfills other requirements Medium-sized invoice. This can be used, for example, from a central location keep several price lists.

You can rely on DATEV's invoicing programs. The DATEV cooperative has been meeting the high demands of its customers for more than 50 years. Our software makes it easier for you to work with tax consultants, lawyers or auditors.