CAs are in great demand

These skills are in demand in the IT industry

Technologies and tools are constantly coming onto the market in the IT industry that require new skills and training. How has the number of participants in further training courses in the IT sector developed in recent years?

Markus Marti: At the ZHAW School of Engineering, we have been seeing increasing demand for further training courses in the field of computer science and data science for several years.

Why is that so?

In particular, employees who are currently working at the interface to IT are often very interested in gaining a foothold in IT and are therefore completing further IT training. But permanent further training or specialization has also become an important success factor on the job market for trained IT specialists. For example, our CAS Applied IT Security is always very well booked and often even booked months in advance.

What are the most important new IT skills IT professionals have had to acquire over the past 5 years?

The most important skills and competencies include networked thinking and the analysis of complex problems. The demands on modern IT systems have increased massively in recent years, for example in terms of architecture, security, scalability and integrability. These growing demands require permanent further training of the employees.

Which IT and management courses are currently particularly popular at the ZHAW?

All further training offers in the field of computer science and data science are in great demand. The modular structure of our courses - from small units such as Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) to large courses such as Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) - is very much appreciated by the participants. This model allows you to continue your education at your own pace and in the topics relevant to the work environment. The offers in the area of ​​data science, five CAS, one DAS, one MAS) have also been in great demand for years.

Where does this demand come from?

The skills in data analysis, information engineering or machine intelligence taught in these advanced training programs are in great demand on the job market.

Which new IT and management courses are already planned at the ZHAW?

We are constantly expanding our training opportunities. For example, we recently launched the MAS Industry 4.0, which includes some CAS from the field of computer science and also the topic of the Internet of Things (IoT). Here, too, networking or networked thinking is of central importance. We offer various courses in the management area. For example, the CAS Project Management or the CAS Product Innovation and Leadership for Engineers.

What do you think: Which IT skills will be particularly in demand in 5 to 10 years?

In-depth IT knowledge will also be in demand in the future. Due to the advancing digitization, the need for well-trained and further educated specialists will continue to increase. The future demand will be particularly high in the areas of mobile and web programming as well as in the area of ​​data science.

Which IT skills that are still in demand today will probably be less and less sought after in the coming years?

In many areas, existing, classic client and server applications will be replaced by mobile or web-enabled applications. Employees with these skills will therefore be in demand.