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Optimize Google My Business:
This is how you can improve your local Google ranking

Howdo you the people around youaware of your company? Of course, you already know that you have an excellent website and that you should optimize it for relevant keywords. EspeciallyIn the local area there is another component, calledGoogle My Business.

It refers tofree as well as local business listings in the Google search engine,which, if relevant, appear in the local search results and in the maps of Google Maps.One speaks here of "Local SEO".

That means: For example, you have a doctor's office and people looking for a doctor in the neighborhood can find your practice's Google My Business entry. Instead of having to drive across town, they are happy that your practice is so close.

Or another case: You have a somewhat more specialized doctor's office with special treatment methods and thus even appear across the city when people are looking for a practice as special as yours.

Register your company on Google:Click here and then on "Start now".

But what if you've already got that behind you and now think thateverything a little better could be? How can you do yourGoogle My Business effectivelyoptimize? We have eight steps for you.

You can find a summary list of your to-dos at the end of the article.

Step 1:
Register with My Business or secure ownership

Let's stay with the foundation for now. Find yourself and your company and check what your My Business result looks like. It either appears together with other results directly below the search box or prominently on the right edge of the search results. It depends on whether you are looking for your business directly or for a keyword that is more general.

As the owner of the profile, you can also adapt everything that you now perceive in the two variants. That does Self-search to a simple indicator to determine where you can still optimize something.

When searching for yourself, it is often noticeable, for example, that the images are not as strong and may also deter. For example, if your doctor's office is in a building that is not so beautiful on the outside, people might think twice about coming. In that case, you should use nicer pictures that make you want to visit. But more on that later.

Another factor that you should check beforehand when searching for yourself is that Link named "Register ownership?". If this link usually appears at the bottom of the result, then you still have this step in front of you. Simply carry out it and then the My Business profile displayed is already yours.

Sometimes these results are automatically generated in a scaled-down form without you having to create a My Business account. You can then adopt this suggestion and enrich it with further relevant information. Without the ownership You can use your Google My Business not optimize.

Step 2:
After logging in: complete information

Google My Business is there to help searchers local companies with all the information required in the first step to display. Conversely, it's your stage and your show. Once you show up, you have them prominent position and can convince the searchers of your company.

For this, your Google My Business account must be up-to-date and, above all, complete. Did you already entered all possible information? Many companies only have that contact details to see. So the addresses, websites and phone numbers. You can now use your Companies but also describe, assign to an area or present different services and Define attributes.

That makes My business almost became a website in itself. And so it is no wonder that many local companies with very comparable offers are now offering their Websitekeep consciously compact. Instead, they rely on the enormous power of My Business.

Why, for example, should a car repair shop have another website on the Internet that says the same thing as the websites of the other repair shops? Most of the time, when people need a workshop, they take the one that is closest. The main thing is that this workshop solves your problem. And that can also be conveyed with My Business.

Companies that clearly stand out from other companies through a certain offer should under no circumstances do without a website or deliberately keep it compact. The point here is the To properly work out the offer advantage and the company to market professionally and attractively.

In principle, always check your My Business account and check whether the data is still up-to-date or whether new information options have been added. The recommended cycle is one week. Also, to timely respond to suggestions for changes from users and to reviews to be able to.

And one more thing: Always make sure that you Use identical data as with Google when you create a company account elsewhere. With the same content and format. This is necessary so that Google can link the point "Reviews from the web" properly and effortlessly. Here we are talking about what is known as “NAP consistency”.

Practical tip: Download the app and maintain your profile on the go

With the mobile version of My Business you can do yours Maintain your account conveniently on your smartphone, whenever you feel like it. The The functionality of the app is identical to the online version on the calculator. She is available for iOS and Android.

Step 3:
Categorize correctly

Building on the second step, you should also use the Optimize categories of your Google My Business. Sort your company into one or more of the categories provided.

The selection includes around 3,000 categories in German-speaking countries. Even if there are exceptions, in most cases you can categorize your company very specifically. That's great, um

  1. Tell Google what industry you are in and
  2. to appear in correct searches.

In some cases it is also worthwhile to dive even deeper from a main category. For example, if you own a South African restaurant, then don't just use “Restaurant” as the category, but also “South African restaurant” or “South African food”. The more you categorize, the better Google can understand you. And also the Searchers know how to classify your restaurant or, in principle, company directly.

Step 4:
Write posts

If you are familiar with Google Ads, formerly Adwords, you will know about the different ad extensions. With them you can do your Enlarge and optimize search results. With My Business you have with the contributions a similarly expanding and optimizing option.

In your My Business account you will find a tab called “Contributions” directly above the “Info” tab on the left. There you can short information,optionally combined with events and calls to action. These are then directly in the search results appear under the My Business result and there visible for a week stay.

This is especially worthwhile if you publish editorial articles on your website and want to promote them so that even more people can become aware of them. It is also worthwhile if there is current information about the company or special offers to share. In principle, posts make a positive impression on the searcher. Because they can Immediately see that the company is active and take a closer look at it.

With the contributions you optimize not just your My Business account directly, but Your company as a whole.

Step 5:
Pictures, pictures, pictures

Appealing images play an essential role for your Google My Business. As already mentioned above, the searchers also identify with your company through the provided image material. Or not.

The My Business picture function has been continuously improved in recent years. You can now find it there many different categories in which you can upload appealing images. And also a Promotional video you could, if available, upload and import.

So you avoid My Business taking and displaying the unsightly pictures, which are usually assigned automatically on the basis of the address data and are more of a deterrent.

In the case of a new building, for example, it can happen that exterior images from many years ago or also images of the construction site appear here. The gives the wrong impression, so you should influence it.

Another "hot" additional tip:

You should think about Create and integrate 360 ​​degree images of your office space, your restaurant or your shop. This is particularly recommended for places with public traffic, i.e. shops, hotels, doctor's offices, restaurants and so on. So you let the potential customer immerse yourself in your world, even before he even made contact. It takes a bit of effort to create such 360 degree images, but it is extremely worthwhile.

Step 6:
Involve colleagues

The sixth step is pretty simple and compact. Distribute permissions to your colleagues, so that you don't have to optimize your Google My Business on your own and keep it up to date. Especially when it comes to the weekly posts and media, it's good not to be responsible for everything yourself.

Step 7:
Pay attention to and react to user activities

Even the seventh step in optimizing Google My Business is plain and simple. For example, when you rate your company or interact with the new question-and-answer function, you expect a quick response.

Keep so the User activities at a glance.Respond to reviews and thank the people. Also respond to critical reviews. Answer the question, which intersperse potential customers. And react to proposed changes, which seekers can do when they think the information is no longer applicable. This is often the case with opening times that change but are not adjusted in My Business.

Lots of user activity and positive reviews are one for Google by the way character for the My business entry relevant is. And relevance is, in turn, the top priority, according to which the search engine sorts and ranks its search results. If your My Business account stands out, it has a wonderful effect on the performance of your company.

By the way, how to get more positive reviews:

After this Login to My Business you will find the block "Get more reviews". If you click on the “Share form” button, Google will provide you with a direct link to your rating form. For example, send it directly to your customers by email (consent provided) or incorporate it into your signatures.

Step 8:
Activate message functions

At the moment, Google is well advanced in rolling out another function for My Business. Through this you can chat potential customers with a company.

You may already know from other My Business results that you see a call, route and website button. But what if you do not drive there, do not make a phone call and contact us quickly and easily want? Then you write to the company soon just one My business message.

And your potential customers can do the same with you. Assuming you have them Function activated manually in your account. Maybe it is one of the most essential measures to optimize your Google My Business. Because there are a lot of people walking around outside who prefer to write or chat instead of calling or browsing a website.

After the feature was added to the American market, it is now being made available to more and more German companies. If potential customers write to you, you can Messages simply via the My Business app for iOS and Android answer.

Optimizing Google My Business made easy:

All the steps to optimize My Business at a glance:

Search your company on Google and see what your current My Business entry looks like. In this way you can determine optimization potential.
When a link called “Register Ownership?” Appears, click on it and follow the appropriate steps to become an owner.
Store all relevant information about your company, that you can enter. Don't just stick to the contact details, but also describe your company and draw attention to the services.
Choose the appropriate categories for your company. Also several.
Compose posts, to inform your potential customers or to forward them to editorial offers of your company.
Upload beautiful pictures and videos, in order to avoid My Business using any kind of deterrent images based on address data, for example. The best way to do this is to use the iOS or Android MyBusiness app.
Include colleagues too, to optimize Google My Business. So you are not completely alone in front of it.
Keep an eye on user activities and react to them when people rate your company or interact with it in other ways.
Activate the new message function, if it is available and relevant to you.

It may take a little time to go through all of these steps. But it's worth it. Once you've optimized your Google My Business, you can Convince your customers of your company with wonderfully clear information. You will also reward yourself with increased attention in the search results, and that can never hurt.

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