What is it like to get married at 20?

Getting married and family planning in their early 20s

I'm 21, not yet engaged, but we have the wedding planned for next year ...
Hello eisblume92,

I've been with my boyfriend for more than 2 years now and I noticed right from the start that there is something special between us. We both want to get married next year, but we're not engaged yet (assume that will come this year )
We don't have a common apartment yet - we see each other every day. Vlt. that sounds strange, but we don't want to live together until we're married.
We haven't talked about family planning yet - but I really feel a little young for "being a mother". My boyfriend is about three quarters of a year younger than me, but he finished his training at the beginning of the year and is now also in professional life. I finished my training 2 years ago and am therefore a bit more "experienced" in this area
I also have some colleagues who tear their mouths over anyone who gets married because they cannot understand WHY you get married. I'm assuming that you can't understand that with me twice because I'm only 21 (soon to be 22). One is in her late twenties, the other in her mid-30s.
I also have to come to terms with the fact that this is my life and I am not allowed to influence myself so much by others.

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