How do I turn off my flashlight

Turn On Flashlight - Here's a quick way to open your phone's flashlight

In addition to replacing digital cameras, iPods, radios, and notepads, the average smartphone has also replaced most of the flashlights. Ever since the feature appeared in mobile operating systems, we automatically grabbed our phone when we needed to see the light. If you haven't learned how to turn on your smartphone flashlight or want to get more out of it, this tutorial is for you.

I'll show you how to turn on the flashlight first, then I'll highlight a few nice flashlight apps that can help you get a little more out of the light.

Turn on your smartphone flashlight on Android

Android made it very easy to turn on the flashlight by default as it was added to the quick access screen starting with Android Lollipop.

  1. Unlock your Android phone.
  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen for quick actions.
  3. Torch should be on one of the screens. Tap it to activate. Tap and hold the button to move it to the front screen if necessary.
  4. Swipe down and tap the torch again to turn it off.

There are a few nice apps that can add a little zing to the flashlight.

Color flashlight

Color Flashlight is useful to see in a crowd or as a novelty. Instead of just the standard blue / white light, the app has both a normal flashlight and turns your screen into multi-colored lights. While it can't turn the LED into different colors, it does offer flashing lights on the screen.


Flashlight by Ruddy Rooster is one of several Android apps with the same name. Similar to the Color Flashlight, Flashlight can illuminate your screen with a variety of colors and patterns as well as use the standard LED light. It's free and supported, but works well enough.


Flashlight by Peacock Photo Studio is another feature-rich flashlight app that works quickly and offers colored lights. As with the previous two, it uses the LED for the white flashlight and your screen for other colors and patterns. It is also supported but they are out of the way or very annoying so they are fine.

Shaking flashlight

Shake Flashlight is a little different in that it allows you to access flashlight functions by simply shaking your handset and the colors and patterns off the screen. This is a nice trick that balances normal phone use with a solid shake. I've used this app and it occasionally activates the flashlight while running, but does a good job of avoiding too many accidents.

Turn on your smartphone flashlight in iOS

The iPhone also has a built-in flashlight and a number of apps that can help you get a little more of it. I don't remember exactly when Apple introduced the flashlight after iOS but I imagine it was just before or after Android Lollipop.

Here is how to use it.

  1. Unlock your iPhone
  2. Swipe up from the bottom to access Control Center.
  3. Tap the lightning icon to turn on the LED.
  4. Tap it again to turn it off.

If you don't see the lightning bolt icon, it might not be in the five main functions. Just swipe right to scroll through the other features until you see the lightning bolt icon.

One advantage of iOS over Android is the ability to change the brightness of the flashlight. If you have 3D Touch, press firmly on the lightning icon and you can choose between bright, medium or low light.

As with Android, there are a few flashlight apps in iTunes that can be used to add functionality. Here are some you might like.

Flashlight for iPhone

Flashlight for iPhone is just that, but it's also much more than that. As well as running your flashlight function in a great looking app, it also turns the screen into a beacon, moving fire image, different colors and more. The user interface looks great and makes it quick and easy to brighten up your life. The app also includes a compass and altitude tracker as an added bonus.

Best flash light!

Best flash light! may be in love as far as the title goes, but it's also a decent flashlight app for iOS. The USP for this app is the double clap activation. As long as you keep the app running in the background, clap your hands twice and the flashlight will come on. It also has a flash setting and a magnifying glass that works with the light in low light. It's a nice little app that works fine.


Flashlight doesn't have any of the bells and whistles of Best Flash Light !, but what it does is provide instant light with no lag. While the second or two delay in most flashlight apps is imperceptible for the most part, if you prefer a faster response, this is the app to get. The "instant-on" function lights up the LED immediately and stays on until you say something else. There is also a strobe and SOS function should you need it.


Flashlight from Apptures offers a similar functionality with the additional advantage of adjustable brightness. If you don't want to use 3D Touch, you can use a scroll button in the center of the interface to control how bright your flashlight gets. It also has strobe and SOS functions too. There's nothing that makes this app stand out from the rest, but it works fine.

Whether you're using Android or iPhone, hiking in the wild, or looking for keys in the dark, you now have tons of options in your pocket. You no longer have to carry a separate flashlight in most everyday situations like the one you have built into your smartphone. It will discharge battery, but should provide enough light to find these keys or bail yourself out.

Do you know any better flashlight apps for Android or iOS? Tell us about it when you do!