How to clean a dirty bugle

Cleaning your mopeds

Here's what I wrote in the Lc4 forum:

Clean once (described below) and then wipe over it with a damp microfiber cloth after each ride.
Looks great forever. If the rims get dirty in between, clean them with old rags and Ballistol or WD40. But then wipe up the remains with clean, dry rags otherwise all the dirt will stick again.

For cleaning in general:

Contacts / locks can be maintained before washing (turn signals, electric starter, horn, etc.)

Wet everything with the garden hose. Then spray everything except the paneling with diluted organic cold cleaner. The with water + soft sponge + shot of dish soap.
Let the cold cleaner take effect. Then brush all over so that the dirt loosens. Simply with different brushes so that you can go anywhere.
You should be careful not to wipe with clean brushes where it is really dirty and then e.g. on the paneling.
But common sense tells you that.
Rinse everything off again. Wipe (e.g. with a damp microfiber cloth)
Then very important -> drive
Also for a while about 100 km / h so that the moisture goes out everywhere.
Then wipe it off again as it should be, the microfiber cloth.
And the rims are now cleaned with Ballistol or WD40 as described above.
Then the motorcycle is clean.

I don't even have dirt on the underside of the engine. After buying the bike, I removed it all over the place with petroleum and a toothbrush, and every time I clean it, it is cleaned, then it stays that way. This is exactly how you get the chain incredibly clean. Important here, only after driving (because dry) in the right place (below, inside) lubricate.

Tweak a few times by hand - done